IMPACT Selling® Add-On for CRM Effectively Solves Sales Training Process Deficiencies within Corporations of Any Industry

Greensboro, NC – October 20, 2014 – The Brooks Group, an award-winning corporate sales training and assessment solutions company, recently launched IMPACT Selling for CRM®, a tool designed to optimize customer relationship management software by providing daily reinforcement of the acclaimed IMPACT Selling® System. IMPACT Selling® for CRM has been developed to integrate with CRM platforms such as and Microsoft Dynamics. The add-on works seamlessly with customer relationship management software to allow reps and managers to more strategically apply the way they use their organization’s CRM system to close more deals.

IMPACT Selling for CRM incorporates a more true-to-life selling process into CRM software, bridging the gap between proven IMPACT Selling principles and daily in-the-field CRM software usage strengthening individual sales performance and overall team effectiveness with a consistent, straightforward approach.

“The majority of sales teams we help report that the sales process contained in their current CRM solution doesn’t really line up with the way their customers buy,” said Jeb Brooks, CEO of The Brooks Group. “With IMPACT Selling for CRM, we’ve developed a dynamic, comprehensive framework that fits with, Microsoft Dynamics® or any custom CRM to bolster sales and strengthen customer acquisition.”

According to Brooks, IMPACT Selling for CRM emphasizes daily reinforcement of the award-winning IMPACT Selling principles for sales teams, resulting in significant revenue growth and long-term success. Nothing beats consistent repetition and implementation of any sales training process.

“This CRM add-on is so unique in that it offers an array of potential benefits to so many companies around the world,” said VP of Sales, Paul Bilodeau. “I’m really looking forward to adapting IMPACT Selling for CRM to strong corporate sales structures in order to make them even stronger.”

Bilodeau continued by saying it’s a system that all industries have been lacking since the very beginning. He is confident that this could be a real game-changer.

About The Brooks Group

Founded in 1977, The Brooks Group is an award-winning B2B sales training company focused on bringing practical, straightforward solutions to your sales force selection and training challenges.

The Brooks Group’s suite of sales and sales management training programs are street-smart, logical and taught/reinforced in a way that guarantees clients realize a return on their training dollars immediately following the training.  The Brooks Group’s clients get the best available resources for screening, training, developing and retaining sales and sales management talent customized specifically to their organization’s needs.

  • 94% of The Brooks Group’s training participants win new accounts as a result of the training
  • 99% see increased sales volume
  • 75% say they’re better at building trust and rapport and are more confident in approaching prospects.