Coming Off Another Sold Out Event In December, The Brooks Group Releases 2015 Schedule of Sales Management Symposiums and IMPACT Selling® Seminars

GREENSBORO, NC, January 7, 2015 — Award-winning sales training and sales management training company, The Brooks Group, today published an action-packed schedule of events for 2015. It features two types of training programs held throughout the year—2 ½ day Sales Management Symposiums geared toward strengthening sales managers on how to coach a more effective team, and 2-day IMPACT Selling® Seminars that provide an essential playbook for any sales professionals looking to excel. Both events are offered quarterly for convenience, and they reinforce best practices that help sales companies succeed at every level.

The Sales Leadership Accelerator is designed for new or experienced sales leaders, equipping them with valuable skills, knowledge, best-practice tactics, and the latest tools they need to measure performance and reach maximum sales effectiveness. It can be said that sales management is the most important factor in a sales team’s success, yet it is often overlooked. But with the Sales Management Symposium, managers discover how to hire sales champions, master the art of sales coaching, streamline sales processes, motivate with proven methods, and so much more.

For individual salesperson growth, there’s the open-enrollment IMPACT Selling Seminar series, which teaches professionals various new ways to find qualified prospects and ultimately push them to close. The Brooks Group touts that by using the IMPACT Selling process, anyone can vastly improve their chances of closing the sale just by following 6 simple, intuitive steps. Attendees will also learn how to get in front of more qualified prospects, how to beat lower-priced competition, and plenty of other insight that can’t be gained elsewhere.

“We’re so excited to announce our 2015 event schedule because it offers so much flexibility—in both the nature of the training and the topics we cover, as well as the time of year,” said Jeb Brooks, CEO of The Brooks Group. “Whether you’re an individual salesperson or managing a sales force of hundreds, we’ve got the most cutting-edge, proven practices and techniques that we’d love to share with you or your organization.”

According to Brooks, over 1 million sales professionals from all over the world have attended one, if not multiple, trainings to take advantage of The Brooks Group’s award-winning expertise and practical applications. He emphasized that these events are in such high demand, anyone thinking about attending in 2015 should find whatever date works best and book immediately.

“The sold out IMPACT Selling Seminar we had in December was a remarkable success,” added Brooks. “I anticipate many of these new dates filling up rather quickly, so don’t put this off.”

All dates and locations for the 2015 schedule can be seen on their website,



Founded in 1977, The Brooks Group is an award-winning B2B sales training company focused on bringing practical, straightforward solutions to your sales force selection and training challenges.

The Brooks Group’s sales and sales management training programs are street-smart, logical and taught/reinforced in a way that guarantees clients realize a return on their training dollars. The Brooks Group’s clients get the best available resources for screening, training, developing and retaining sales and sales management talent customized specifically to their organization’s needs.

  •     94% of The Brooks Group’s training participants win new accounts as a result of the training
  •     99% see increased sales volume
  •     75% say they’re better at building trust and rapport and are more confident in approaching prospects.