The Brooks Group Launches Smart Coach™ Sales Coaching System

Greensboro, North Carolina – 7/15/2015: The Brooks Group is excited to announce the release of Smart Coach, a comprehensive sales coaching system that enables sales managers to execute regular, consistent coaching on activities that have the greatest impact on sales effectiveness.  

Research continually proves that the performance of a team is a reflection of how that team is coached. Research also tells us that regardless of how powerful the coaching methodology, if there is no platform in place to execute, track, and measure for effectiveness, sales growth is minimized.

The Brooks Group has partnered with Ecsell Institute, a member-based sales coaching and leadership company to provide a solution for sales managers to establish a cadence for coaching to high-gain activities. The system utilizes the One-Up platform, a cloud-based technology developed by EcSell Institute, coupled with a tactical sales methodology and coaching support system delivered by The Brooks Group.

Smart Coach for the Sales Manager

  • Trains to a proven coaching methodology
  • Educates on how to implement high-gain coaching activities and tools
  • Provides self-correcting performance feedback

Smart Coach for the Vice President of Sales

  • Establishes consistency in your coaching methodology
  • Provides objective coaching effectiveness measurements
  • Equips sales leaders with new information that leads to growth strategies

Smart Coach is a force multiplier. It makes your sales executives better leaders, your sales managers better coaches, and your sales reps better producers. It maximizes sales performance and ensures results.

“Building or shifting a sales culture requires an effective sales management team. After all, the success or failure of any sales organization rests squarely on the shoulders of its front-line sales management team. Unless they’re delivering real-time, on-purpose coaching, the entire organization is limited. Smart Coach aligns sales managers with their salespeople through regular and meaningful coaching that’s tied to the high gain activities that move customer relationships forward to grow revenue.”

 -Jeb Brooks, President and CEO