The Brooks Group Launches the Sales Territory Planning Workshop

Greensboro, NC—December 15, 2015: The Brooks Group is excited to announce the release of the Sales Territory Planning Workshop, a two-day, interactive seminar. The workshop is designed to help sales teams develop and execute their own detailed sales territory plans.

The workshop focuses on four areas of business and is customized based on an organization’s unique sales culture and selling environment. The program is ideal for sales meetings when an entire sales team is together in one location, and is followed by a series of reinforcement sessions in which salespeople will present their plans and report on the progress they have made. 

Sales teams will develop action plans by focusing on four key areas of business:

  • Self-Generated Leads—participants find new business with tactics designed to identify and approach new leads
  • Target Accounts—participants identify accounts belonging to competitors and develop action plans to win them
  • Growth Accounts—Participants determine exactly how to grow high potential accounts
  • Key Accounts—Participants build action plans to increase revenue from top-producing accounts

The Sales Territory Planning Workshop allows salespeople to take ownership over their sales goals and provides them with concrete action plans for reaching their target.

“The response to this new workshop has been overwhelming. Sales leaders want their teams to hit the ground running in 2016. They want them focused on high gain activities with the right prospects. This workshop helps them accomplish exactly that.”

 -Jeb Brooks, President and CEO

You can learn more about the Sales Territory Planning Workshop here