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What Business Are You REALLY In?

The very first thing I remember my father teaching me about The Brooks Group is that we're not in the sales training business. We're in the NAME ACCUMULATION BUSINESS! The same is true for you. Whatever you're selling, you should be gathering as many names of "suspects" as possible. A suspect is someone who might, possibly, eventually do business with you. Thanks to technology, it's become far easier to -- over time -- turn those suspects into prospects (and eventually raving fans of your offering) than when my father first shared the tenant with me. But his words are as true now as ever: The best technology is worthless without a good, solid list of names to leverage. What are you doing to gather names? How many people do you meet in a year, a month, a week, or a day who could benefit from your offering? How are you remaining in front of them? Do you have a drawer full of business cards belonging to people who might want your offering? Do they remember meeting you (or even know what you do?!) It's critical that you remain first, last, and always in the minds of your prospective buyers! @JebBrooks