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Sales Training 2.0

Even before all of the chatter about Sales 2.0 began, The Brooks Group was working on Sales Training 2.0.  We began developing virtual sales training more than a decade ago and have been leading the charge ever since. Our clients tell us that travel costs and time-out-of-the-field can sometimes make traditional classroom training difficult. We responded by developing industry-leading online sales training tools that deliver "drip" training in bursts to salespeople in virtual classrooms. We’re particularly excited that our lead curriculum designer, Michelle Richardson, will be a presenter at the 2010 Partnering for Performance Conference scheduled for May 4-6, 2010 in Raleigh, NC. Her presentation, called A Brave New World: Exploring Virtual Sales Training in the Second Life Environment, will focus on our clients' virtual training experiences.

Michelle will be covering the benefits and drawbacks of virtual sales training. She'll help participants navigate potential roadblocks to success by demonstrating some of our experiences. Michelle is our Director of Curriculum Design and Programs. She brings 16 years of experience in instructional design and educationalprogramming for sales professionals. At The Brooks Group, she’s responsible for developing tactical sales and sales management curriculum customized for clients across a variety of public-and private-sector industries. According to Michelle,

“Strategic innovations are the foundation to a successful organization. I am very pleased to be able to share a new method of sales training to those attending the conference. Attendees will benefit from real-life examples and how strategic partnerships can take a company from great to extraordinary.”

Let us know if you have questions about our virtual training solutions. @JebBrooks