Selling to Procurement: A Win-Win Approach

Procurement’s increased role in the decision making process can be frustrating to salespeople who don’t fully understand the function of the department, not to mention the personality conflict that can potentially exist between the rep and the procurement professional.

Partnering with Procurement and understanding its process, however, will help set your team apart from your competition and improve your results.

Our whitepaper, Selling to Procurement: A Win-Win Approach, will uncover strategies and tactics your sales team can use to improve their working relationships with Procurement professionals.


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  • How partnering with the Procurement team can widen your competitive advantage
  • The 3 fatal errors salespeople make when interacting with Procurement
  • Why bridging the discussion between internal customer and Procurement is imperative to earn business
  • The 5 ways to influence Procurement’s decision making process
  • And more!