The 21 Biggest Myths in Sales… And How to Destroy Them!

Fact: 72% of buyers find small talk to be negative. That’s just one of the myth busting nuggets contained in this quick, handy read. Success in professional selling can be elusive. Save yourself – and your sales team – time, effort, and energy and download this whitepaper! Sales leaders: we recommend sharing this gem with your sales team TODAY!

You may be surprised to learn that what you thought you knew about selling is not only untrue, but totally counterproductive!


Download this free whitepaper to learn:

  • Why trust is more essential than ever to the sale
  • Why you can’t sell on “relationships” alone
  • Why selling value is critical, and how to do it effectively
  • What buyers are looking for instead of a salesperson (and how to position yourself accordingly)
  • What the strategic ramification of contemporary purchases means for you