Case Study:


PQ Systems


PQ Systems Sees The Brooks Group’s IMPACT Selling® System Integrated in Day-to-Day Sales Operations

This case study captures key issues and results for PQ Systems and its implementation of the IMPACT Selling® System. The use of talent assessments, customized sales training, and coaching reinforcement provided by The Brooks Group has led to zero turnover in the past year-and-a-half, a common language and sales process, and a concrete coaching structure used by Sales Managers on a daily basis..


Parallel Quantum Systems, a software manufacturer with an aim to offer tools for helping companies improve their process capabilities, was in search of a streamlined sales process that could be used consistently by the entire sales team.

PQ Systems was looking for a sales training provider to help them:

  • Teach reps a concrete sales process to create alignment and communicate with a common language
  • Generate top-line growth without having to increase marketing budget
  • Teach salespeople to focus on buying styles and behaviors in order to present to prospects in the most effective way
  • Reduce turnover and reinforce training through efficient coaching strategies


The Brooks Group lead PQ Systems through Three phases:


Consultants from The Brooks Group spent time on-site observing the day-to-day activities and talking with PQ Systems sales team members to thoroughly understand the sales team’s environment and existing culture. The Brooks Talent Index® Assessment System was used to ensure that PQ Systems had the right people in the right roles.

Design and Customize:

The Brooks Group used the results of the field observations, interviews, and additional research as a base for designing the training curriculum. By integrating specific marketplace realities, the training was immediately applicable to the sales team’s daily practices. Customized role-plays, practice scenarios, and group exercises set the stage for hands-on skills practice.

Deliver and Reinforce:

Training was carried out for the sales team, as well as non-sales employees that regularly interact with customers in order to support the change organization-wide. The coaching program was carefully designed to ensure that the sales team could easily and quickly integrate the sequential sales process into their day-to-day selling activities. PQ Systems’ management led the reinforcement using IMPACT materials during weekly sales team meetings and one-to-one coaching sessions, providing internal support to ensure lasting behavioral change for the entire sales team.


PQ Systems saw immediate implementation of the IMPACT Selling process by reps who reported that the methodology was intuitive and easy to follow. A common language and focus on sales was driven throughout the entire organization, as non-sales departments participated in the training program as well. The company-wide adoption of the program allowed for better understanding of the sales process by all employees that interact with customers.

Sales Managers are now able to use a familiar discourse with reps, and can provide coaching targeted to specific stages of the sales process. The training workbooks are still used in coaching, and the qualifying questions have become the largest focus in biweekly sales meetings for evaluating potential buyers, and the way in which reps approach them.

New employees are now hired using the Brooks Talent Index Assessment System and the insight it provides allows for performance predictability, as well as the ideal coaching and training approaches to use once the applicant is hired. PQ Systems has experienced no turnover in the last year-and-a-half since utilizing the assessments.

After reviewing several industry front runners for sales training, PQ Systems ultimately chose The Brooks Group because of the intuitive process and focus on assessments. The contact responsible for choosing the training was attracted to the low pressure interactions they experienced when working with The Brooks Group, and the genuine interest in the success of PQ Systems that was exhibited. Management was impressed with the facilitation of the training, as well as the results that have occurred since adopting the IMPACT methodology.


“From a value standpoint, the investment has paid for itself just in the way we can communicate internally.”
Mark Marshall

PQ Systems Sales Director

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