Case Study:


HCR ManorCare

Leading Long-Term Care Provider Implements The IMPACT Selling® Methodology and Brooks Talent Index Hiring Assessments to Generate an Additional $1,240,650 in Revenue

This case study captures key issues and results for HCR ManorCare, a leading provider of short-term, post-hospital services and long-term care, and its licensing of IMPACT Selling curriculum and Brooks Talent Index assessments. By implementing the IMPACT Selling methodology, internal trainers have helped establish a common language throughout the entire organization. The training was well received by the wide range of departments that had customized training adapted to their specific product lines and selling needs.

“The BTI has been a fantastic addition to our talent management toolkit. It has helped us identify, hire, and retain salespeople and sales managers that are a much better fit for our culture. The cool thing about BTI is that it’s not just a hiring tool. It also provides us with powerful info that helps our managers coach and mentor reps by providing insights into how to use the values, skills, and behaviors the reps bring to the job to help them be more successful.”

-Marty Tanner, Director of Sales Training

The Situation

HCR ManorCare was looking to replace a complicated and inconsistently used sales process that hadn’t been getting results within the sales organization.

Because the training department needed a new sales methodology that could be deployed across the sales and sales management team, they were in search of an adaptable solution that could be licensed and delivered effectively across multiple departments. They were also seeking assessments to identify areas of strength and gap in sales talent.

The training department at HCR ManorCare wished to increase sales effectiveness and be viewed as a strategic resource within the organization, but the sales process used prior to IMPACT was overly complicated and didn’t receive traction. Department heads needed to see how training would provide a solution to their unique needs and challenges.

With a sales force of over 800 reps and a wide range of departments that needed to be trained, it was crucial for the Director of Sales Training to find a selling methodology that was easy to adapt and flexible enough to be used across the entire company. The ability to customize the training to reflect specific healthcare terminology and delivery needs was necessary in order for the program to be viewed as credible by each participating department as well as HCR senior leadership.

HCR leadership was in need of a sales training solution that would provide the organization with:

  • A straightforward sales process that could be easily adapted and customized for a wide range of departments and a salesforce with 800+ sellers
  • Licensed sales training curriculum that could be seamlessly modified by the internal training department to reflect varied product lines and delivery needs
  • Talent assessments to identify areas of gap to be addressed with training and reinforcement programs
  • A reinforcement program that would bolster the training efforts and establish a regular cadence for field coaching between sales managers and reps


The Brooks Group provided HCR Manorcare with the following solutions:

Sales Training Curriculum Customization: Consultants from The Brooks Group spent time with key stakeholders, national sales trainers, and select DMDs to customize the training to include the terminology and tools relevant to the healthcare industry and HCR ManorCare specifically.

Curriculum Licensing: The IMPACT Selling system and its accompanying intellectual property was licensed to HCR ManorCare with full internal reproduction rights and the ability to provide further customization to specific departments. The licensing included periodic updates and training for HCR ManorCare’s internal trainers.

Sales Training Reinforcement Methodology: In addition to licensing IMPACT to HCR, The Brooks Group also granted HCR the right to use, an industry-leading reinforcement platform that allowed trainers to deliver follow-up reinforcement and group coaching.

Individual Team Member Assessments (Ongoing): HCR ManorCare now uses the Brooks Talent Index to assess all staff and new hires. The training department is certified to interpret and apply assessment results internally and uses the tool for field coaching, selection, and ongoing talent development.



HCR ManorCare now has a common sales process that can be delivered in a customized and individualized way to each of its departments. The straightforward process and its ability to be adapted gained buy-in from department heads who saw that the training provided a solution to their specific needs.

The training department at HCR ManorCare emphasizes the importance of reinforcement to see ROI increase, and training is an ongoing process that includes classroom learning, coaching calls, and measuring program retention four months after training. Sales effectiveness received a strong initial boost following training and has seen an accelerated effect as it is increasingly instilled within the culture of HCR. Analysis from the training department reveals that ROI is greatly increased as additional coaching is executed.

The insight from BTI assessments influences both the training delivery and coaching follow-up as gap areas across the organization are able to be identified and addressed.

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