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A proven sales process taught to over one million sales professionals

In 6 two-hour sessions your salespeople will learn a straightforward sales process that will get them closing more deals, more often in today's hybrid in-person and virtual world.


Virtual Instructor-Led Training for 2020

Start dates for virtual sessions are listed below and will meet 3 days a week for a total of 6 sessions. Inquire for specific schedules.

Professional Sales Training Proven To Be Effective

Success in professional sales requires a well-defined process, and the consultative selling skills needed to communicate undeniable value to buyers.

With IMPACT Selling, there’s no overly complicated routine. Six simple steps that align with the customer's buying process give your sales team members a structured inside sales training approach that they can easily remember and apply to every opportunity.


What Will Salespeople Learn in the Workshop?

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What’s Included?

  • 6 two-hour sessions of virtual instructor-led training delivered by one of our expert sales effectiveness trainers
  • Personal assessment and selling skills analysis to help sales reps recognize their own strengths and development areas within the sales process, and how they interact with buyers
  • The IMPACT Selling course workbook to guide attendees through each stage in the selling process
  • Sales Techniques, the best-selling book authored by our founder, Bill Brooks.
  • Sales Tools and Resources - Practical sales tools and resources that reps can use the to improve win rates
  • Qstream Mobile Reinforcement tool to reinforce the skills learned in training
testimonial quote
“This was the best training I’ve ever had. My average income after taking your course went from $140,000 a year to $280,000”

- J Kelly Cates

VP of Tenn. Operations and Sales
Diamond Equipment

testimonial quote
The IMPACT program was packed with useful information. Regardless of your field of expertise, you can apply the IMPACT principles to any business.”

- David Eldson

Regional Sales Manager
K-Flex USA

testimonial quote
IMPACT really gives a sales rep something to work through rather than just winging it during a sales call."

- Alex Bradley

Account Management
ET Products

World-Class Facilitation

The Brooks Group’s sales seminars and workshops are led by expert facilitators with real sales experience. Your sales reps will stay engaged during the interactive training and will walk away with consultative selling skills that can be applied to their own accounts for improved sales effectiveness.


Our Guarantee

The Brooks Group is consistenly ranked among top sales training companies, and we’ve helped thousands of teams improve their sales performance through IMPACT Selling.The bottom line: if you’re not fully convinced your investment is valuable once you or your salesperson have began any of our workshops, we’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the IMPACT Selling Seminar?
Unlike some other sales training classes, this course is designed for both new and seasoned salespeople looking to improve their selling skills and use their time as effectively as possible. For sales teams who have already been trained with IMPACT Selling, this seminar is a great opportunity to get newly hired salespeople quickly up to speed. Additionally, the program is a fantastic way for sales leaders and Executives interested in a large-scale training initiative to view the IMPACT Selling System in action.

What does IMPACT stand for?
IMPACT Selling was developed by the late Bill Brooks and has been presented to over one million sales professionals over the last 4 decades. The easy-to-remember acronym outlines the 6 stages of the sales process—Investigate, Meet, Probe, Apply, Convince, and Tie-it-Up. The process is simple, making it more likely for salespeople to apply it in the real world. But behind the simplicity is a powerful sales strategy that allows salespeople to connect with buyers and guide them effortlessly to the close.

Can IMPACT be applied to all industries?
The beauty of IMPACT is its adaptability to any business or sales organization. The 6 stages give sellers a structure that they can adapt and apply to a wide range of products, services, and selling situations. As one client put it, “IMPACT can be used to sell everything from computer chips to potato chips.” IMPACT is buyer-focused, and gives salespeople the skills to sell in the way the buyer wants to buy—regardless of the product, service, or industry.

What kind of reinforcement does the program include?
To reinforce the skills learned in the IMPACT training, each participant will be enrolled in Qstream, a gamified application designed to deliver reinforcement tips and quizzes over a 3-month period to solidify new concepts learned in training.

Qstream can be easily accessed on any IOS or android device, as well as through email or The application includes access to Sales Manger dashboards highlighting the strength and challenge areas of individual sales reps so leaders can provide the most effective coaching.

Additional Insights to Improve Your Sales Team’s Performance

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