Improve the Leadership and Coaching Skills of Your Sales Managers

Train your sales managers to be expert sales coaches and unleash the performance potential of your sales force

Sales managers are force multipliers, and their coaching effectiveness will ultimately determine the performance of your sales team.

Most sales managers know they need to be coaching but they don’t know what quality sales coaching looks like, or they lack a consistent coaching process to follow.

Sales management challenges can be daunting but getting your sales manager to get the highest performance possible from sales reps is key to successful sales teams

Here’s what it takes to transform underperforming sales managers into effective leaders and coaches

A Standardized Sales Process

A common sales language and framework allows managers to meet with sales reps and quickly identify where coaching is needed most.

Sales Team Assessments

Individual assessments help sales managers understand the behaviors, motivators, and communication preferences of each member—and adapt their coaching to be most effective.

A Systematic Sales Coaching Process

Sales management training equips managers with the coaching process and tools that will drive maximum performance from the sales team.
Your sales managers must do more than track the activities surrounding the sale—they need to provide real-time coaching support to influence the outcome of current sales opportunities.

Unfortunately, the pressure of the position is often too much for many sales managers who don’t have a practical plan in place.

The Brooks Group’s sales management training provides time-tested strategies and a practical system used by thousands of others to establish a coaching rapport with salespeople and guide their team to consistently meet and exceed revenue targets.

Sales Management Training Benefits

Hire and Keep Top Sales Performers

Sales mangers will learn to streamline the interview process and select sales candidates who are hardwired to succeed in your sales environment

Master the Art of Sales Coaching

Sales managers will learn a tailored approach to coaching, managing, and motivating sales professionals to achieve defined results in a predictable way

Develop Clear Performance Objectives

Sales managers will uncover exactly where their team needs to focus attention, and set milestones and events to keep them on track

Successfully Coaching and Developing Sales Professionals Can be Achieved with 8 Simple Steps



Determine the key competencies necessary for success in your sales roles



Learn an interview and selection process that helps you hire and keep top talent


Establish Expectations

Set performance standards, define sales metrics, and coach reps against them



Use a defined sales process to train your reps and give them the tools to become high performers



Learn what successful sales coaching looks like, and develop your reps where they need it most


Course Correct

Engage in coaching conversations on where a rep is with an opportunity, and which actions need to be taken


Measure Accountability

Set milestones and meetings to determine if progress has been made, and where more intervention is needed



Establish new parameters and goals to ensure growth and development are continuously being made

What our customers are saying

“The Brooks Group’s sales management training focuses on how to work with people, understanding “what’s under the hood”– people’s motivators and behaviors, and knowing yourself and how best to interact with others”

Barry Phillips
Sales Manager, Tindall Corporation

“Strong. Great for someone who is new to the industry. Great reminders for those who are not. Very good systems and solutions to follow and implement. I was extremely impressed with the amount of training and support staff present—big time over deliver! Brooks clearly cares about the results delivered.”

Jim Padilla
Owner/CEO, Gain the Edge
DXP Enterprises

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