Brooks Talent Index as a Coaching Tool

Give Your Sales Managers a Customized Coaching Manual

The Brooks Talent Index is incredibly powerful at getting the right people on your team, but it can also be used to improve the coaching capabilities of your sales managers.

Understanding a new hire or current team member’s behavior style, motivators, and preferred communication methods allows sales managers to tailor coaching to every member of their team. Salespeople receive guidance in a way that works best for them, meaning new behaviors are more likely to result—and ultimately impact performance.

“Custom coaching based on motivators and behaviors is priceless.”

Richard Jung
EVP of Sales, MOL (America) Inc.

Brooks Talent Index reveal a salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses in four key areas:

  • Behaviors
  • Motivators
  • Acumen
  • Competencies

The results are shared with the sales team member or new hire so that they can understand their own behaviors and communication styles—increasing self-awareness and making them more likely to respond positively to coaching feedback.

Personalized checklists for communicating allow sales managers to fine-tune their coaching approach, making interactions with salespeople straight to the point and productive. Your sales managers can avoid communication conflict with their reps and stay focused on the things that will affect sales performance the most. 

What Sets The Brooks Group’s Sales Management Training Apart
“Brooks Talent Index allows us to see potential strengths and weaknesses, and to coach accordingly.” 

Gary Davis
VP of Sales and Business Development, Stuller Inc.

TriMetrix a as coaching tool

Getting the Most out of Every Player

A good coach knows the areas that each team member is strongest in, and can leverage those strengths by putting reps in positions they can thrive in. That also means hiring a variety of behavior and personality styles and understanding how they will complement one another—and assessments give sales managers a guide to do that.

Your sales managers know they need to be coaching. The Brooks Talent Index gives them a manual for doing it the right way.