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Empower your sales team with the motivation, sales strategy, and skills
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Planning your annual sales kickoff (SKO) or national sales meeting might feel overwhelming, but the goal of the SKO agenda is simple: to outline the company’s vision for the year, engage your team, and set up your sales organization to fulfill sales goals and meet their quota.

What your salespeople want and need is skills training and personalized sales coaching that helps them overcome the biggest sales challenges they face on a daily basis

This year, give your sales reps what they need to get the results you want.

Highly Effective Keynote Topics for your Annual Sales Kickoff

Overcoming in Adversity in Sales

Overcoming Adversity in Sales

It’s no secret that selling is hard. It’s even harder in today’s market, where buyers are more informed, have more choices than ever before, and are much harder to engage. Most sales professionals feel blocked at every stage of the sales process.

In this keynote we’ll share insight on these trends and the impact it has on your sales team’s ability to stay focused, motivated, resilient, and selling effectively.

You’ll walk away with a better understanding how to help your sales team overcome adversity and achieve their goals. Your sales team will have a renewed focus so they can sell from a position of hope – not fear.

Selling with Value

Selling with Value

One of the key factors that separates truly great sellers from others is their ability to communicate value and build trust. 

Once your sales team knows how to gain trust early on and position themselves as strategic advisors – they’ll gain a huge edge over the competition because they will be able to better align the value of what your company sells to the customers’ needs and wants. 

In this keynote we’ll explore the key principles for building trust and communicating value throughout the sales process so your sales team can foster long-term customer relationships. 

Simplify the Sales Process

Simplify the Sales Process

Why does a sales process matter? It sets up your team for success. An effective sales process is straightforward, guides your sales team through a consultative selling approach, and allows them to fully grasp the buyer’s needs and wants.

In this keynote, we’ll discuss how a sales process establishes a foundation of excellence in selling and puts your sales team in the position to build trust and sell value in every customer interaction. We’ll also share the essential skills your sales team needs to maintain a competitive edge throughout the sales cycle.

You’ll gain an understanding of how to leverage a sales process to create a sustainable foundation for long-term business success.

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World-Class Expert Speakers

The Brooks Group’s sales kickoff keynotes are delivered by industry experts who provide an entertaining experience, backed by real sales experience and proven strategies. They are highly skilled at engaging audiences. Your sales team will walk away with insight and motivation that will help them start off the year on the right foot.

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How to Maximize Your Annual Sales Kickoff

Make the coming year your best year yet by focusing on skills training that will move the performance needle for your team.

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