Benchmarking a Position

Find the right fit for your open position
with an ideal sales profile

You’ll get an objective measurement of how compatible a candidate is with the role you’re looking to fill, and an accurate prediction of their long-term success within your organization.

Don’t leave your hiring decisions to gut feelings. Create a blueprint for high performance and let TriMetrix find the perfect match.


TriMetrix® Benchmarks Are More than Competency Models

Skills and qualifications determine whether a candidate is capable of doing a job, but personal motivators and behavior style reveal whether they’ll actually be driven to excel in a particular position.

Have you ever experienced a candidate who “looked great on paper” but proved to be incompatible with the position once they were hired?

The TriMetrix benchmarking process evaluates a position and takes into account:

  • Key accountabilities the role demands
  • Competencies that are required for success
  • Personal and soft skills best suited for the position
  • Behavior styles that match the nature of the job
  • Motivators that a candidate will need to be driven

TriMetrix Comparison Report

Define an Ideal Candidate and Let TriMetrix Find the Perfect Match

The Brooks Group will conduct interviews with members of your organization that have a deep understanding of what a particular position requires for success. A report is compiled, validated for accuracy, and candidates are compared against the established benchmark.

“The benchmark that we created has been a lifesaver in terms of weeding out inappropriate candidates prior to the interview. We even tested the benchmark by having two of our most successful employees take the survey. They tested as ideal EMA candidates. That validated the survey and we have used it religiously ever since. Thanks so much for your valuable contribution to the success of our organization.”

—Nancy J. Slomowitz, President, Executive Management Associates, Inc.

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