Revenue Operations: The key to prospering during economic uncertainty

Inflation. New variants. If anything is certain lately, it is uncertainty.


According to research from the Harvard Business Review, companies who weathered economic downturns successfully (and even prospered) had three things in common:

1. Act Early

Companies who proactively recognized the threat ahead of the 2008 recession achieved six percentage points better Total Shareholder Return in the downturn than companies that did not address the challenge early.

2. Take a Long-Term Perspective

HBR found that companies with a longer-term perspective achieved 4 percentage points higher annual growth during the downturn as well as 2 percentage points higher total shareholder return.

3. Focus on Growth, Not Just Cost-Cutting

To prosper during times of uncertainty and gain a competitive advantage, your company must not only pursue efficiencies, but also focus on revenue growth throughout the organization.

Enter Revenue Operations

It’s more than just the latest buzzword. Aligning your revenue strategy across sales, marketing, customer success, and operations removes the obstacles that keep those teams from interacting with customers and increases the speed to generating revenue.

Revenue operations is more than just sales enablement and the latest technology. Key metrics include sales cycles, pipeline velocity, win rates, CACs, recurring revenue, CLVs, upsells and renewals, customer churn and forecast accuracy.

Combine that with operations management, insights and analytics, tech stack implementation, continuous training on new processes for the entire organization, and ensuring compliance – and you have a revenue generating machine ready to withstand economic uncertainty.

The Brooks Group helps revenue operations teams align across sales, marketing, and customer success to increase revenue.

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