Qstream® Mobile Reinforcement App

Solidify training with a mobile reinforcement solution designed to deliver tips and quizzes to your salespeople through a gamified platform

Qstream Mobile Reinforcement App

Sales Training Reinforcement Made Easy

Sales enablement initiatives are most effective when training is followed up with a quality reinforcement program.

In fact, according to research from Aberdeen, Best-in-Class companies are 15% more likely than others to follow-up sales training with reinforcement.

Qstream is one of several tools used in the IMPACT Sales Coaching System to reinforce skills your team learned in training, and to increase the likelihood of those new skills being applied in the field.

Microlearning That’s Designed to Continuously Improve Sales Performance

Qstream delivers reinforcement tips and quizzes to your sales reps at customizable intervals. The gamified app extends the training without disrupting selling time, and reinforces knowledge in a way your reps appreciate – on their mobile devices in just minutes a day.
MicroLearning That’s Designed to Continuously Improve Sales Performance

Why Follow Training with Qstream Reinforcement?

Improve Sales Rep Proficiency

Improve Sales Rep Proficiency

Reinforce the essential knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to improve sales performance in the long term

Enable Precision Coaching

Enable Precision Coaching

Gain access to personalized coaching insights and analytics to know who, what, and when to coach and develop

Measure Training Impact

Measure Training Impact

Explore proficiency and engagement analytics to identify knowledge gaps, inform training needs, and measure ROI

MicroLearning That’s Designed to Continuously Improve Sales Performance

Proven by Science

Qstream is the only scientifically proven microlearning solution that measurably changes behavior.

  • Validated by more than 20 randomized, peer-reviewed clinical trials
  • Up to 170% improvement in knowledge recall
  • Average 17% proficiency gains
  • Average 93% engagement by employees

Actionable Insights

No other microlearning platform has the breadth and depth of real-time proficiency and engagement insights that provide a leading indicator of individual, team, and group performance.

  • Benchmark employee knowledge via leaderboards and peer responses
  • Identify knowledge and skill gaps for real-time coaching intervention
  • Streamline coaching with manager recommendations on who, what, and when to coach
  • Inform future training needs with proficiency heatmaps that identify gaps in individual, team, and group level
  • Understand the efficacy of training programs and adapt training content
Actionable Insights
MicroLearning That’s Designed to Continuously Improve Sales Performance

Engage Training Participants

Qstream works off best practice microlearning principles to deliver an immersive learning experience, that is easy to use and access anytime and anywhere. The result? A staggering 93% engagement rate.

  • Tap into human nature with game mechanics, points, and leaderboards
  • Give real-time feedback on responses
  • Continually learn with detailed explanations for each question
  • Benchmark participant responses against peer
  • Encourage socialization between participants with open comments
  • Personalize coaching with real-time coaching recommendations via the Manager Dashboard

What our customers are saying

“When I signed my sales team up for IMPACT Selling with The Brooks Group my goal was to put a sales process in place and MAKE IT STICK!

Qstream allowed us to reinforce IMPACT for several weeks after the training. It provided me with a template for follow-up with each rep and it helped reinforce the process in their daily routines (and mine). The dashboard and reporting were excellent and the “friendly competition” Qstream set up within my team was just what we needed to confirm a lasting change.”

Qstream Mobile Reinforcement App Bryant

Tim Bryant
VP of Sales Development
The Daniels Group

When used as a part of the IMPACT Sales Coaching System, Qstream reinforces what your reps have learned in training, and increases the likelihood that new skills are used in the field—driving sustainable performance lift and improving ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my team’s performance?

Each week, managers will receive an email that includes a snapshot of their manager dashboard. Qstream’s real-time manager dashboards enable you to quickly and easily see how your sales teams are performing. Qstream pinpoints highly targeted coaching opportunities to help managers take action immediately –not at the end of the quarter when it might be too late.


How does Qstream help my team members learn and remember?

Qstream is a radically new sales performance platform developed at Harvard and utilized by top brands to ignite high performance sales teams. It combines gaming with a scientifically proven methodology that increases long-term knowledge retention by up to 170%. The “spaced education” methodology is based on the neuroscience of how human memory works.


What devices can Qstream be used on?

Participants can answer questions on iPhones, iPads, Androids, laptops, and more. Qstream sends a daily notification email when a participant has questions available. Your ream members will simply click on the “Answer” button in the email from any mobile device to respond. In addition, we have a native app for iPhones/iPads and Androids that pushes notifications when your team members have questions available.

Still have questions? A sales effectiveness expert from The Brooks Group has the answers.