Sales Performance Improvement Starts with Adapting Sales Conversations

Give your sellers the skills needed to engage in meaningful sales dialogue

Decision makers are busier and more informed than ever before—that means they don’t have time for salespeople who are unable to offer them something of real value.

Many buyers have self-identified their problem and researched available solutions before ever coming in contact with a salesperson. It’s not enough for sellers to simply present a product or service and list out features and benefits.

Successful sales professionals must position themselves as strategic advisors and consult with decision makers to understand their wants, needs, and business goals. They must adapt by learning the industry of their potential client base and using targeted, open-ended questions to uncover what the buyer values most in a solution.

Having a team of sellers capable of engaging in high-level dialogue with clients and potential customers can become your sales organization’s competitive advantage.

Teams challenged with having effective sales conversations usually have one of the following three issues:

Technical salespeople with outstanding product knowledge who fail to communicate strategic benefits and the business case for buying
Salespeople who are comfortable selling only a handful of products or offerings and fail to initiate conversations around higher-margin products or bundled solutions
Sales reps who are unable to adapt to shifts in the market such as new, lower-priced competition, or the need to sell higher into the client’s organization
Engaging in high-level dialogue with buyers requires sales reps to follow a value-based selling approach. Salespeople who focus on communicating and delivering value to prospects and customers throughout their decision-making process achieve higher success rates on a consistent and an ongoing basis.

Your salespeople need skills training to master the questioning approach and the ability to move away from sales scripts and onto business discussions that drive change.

A consultative, buyer-focused sales process like IMPACT Selling® will give your sales team the skills and the confidence to consult with decision makers, move them off status quo, and lead them to the most appropriate solution.

IMPACT Selling – A consultative selling approach that’s simple, flexible, and buyer-focused

IMPACT Selling is The Brook Group’s flagship training program and the basis of most sales training initiatives our clients engage in.

Taught to over one million sales professionals around the world, IMPACT focuses on building prospect and customer relationships and identifying solutions through open-ended questions and active listening.

The repeatable steps of IMPACT will allow your sales force to meet prospects and customers where they are in the buying process to maintain alignment, build credibility, and engage in meaningful dialogue that progresses the sale.

IMPACT Selling Program Benefits

  • Increased sales revenue and greater margin
  • Shortened sales cycles to reduce time-to-close
  • Clarity of goals all the way from the tactical to the strategic level
  • Better pre-call planning and positioning skills
  • Improved communication with different buying styles
  • Classroom training that’s easily applied in the real world
Hear how The Brooks Group helped one client align better with buyers and establish a structured approach to sales success.

Get started on your sales enablement path with training solutions proven to get results.

Participants performing at 75-110% of quota
winning up to 10 new accounts after applying new skills from training
the training improved their sales performance in a quantifiable way
using what they learned in their day-to-day activities after the training occurred

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