Conquer Sales Management Challenges With Training to Develop Real-World Sales Coaching Skills

Improve Sales Manager Performance To Get
The Most Out of Your Sales Team

Sales managers are the most important members of your sales team, and their most important job is coaching. But without a unified sales process and the right training, that coaching either doesn’t happen, or it’s not effective.

A lot of sales managers will look at a rep’s low numbers and reprimand or discipline them, without uncovering which stage in the sales process is creating the challenge, or what they can do to correct that.

The Brooks Group knows that driving a sales team’s performance starts with the sales manager. Here’s what it takes to transform underperforming sales managers into effective leaders and coaches:  

A defined sales process that sets your sales managers up for coaching success. 

A common language and framework allow sales managers to navigate the stages of the sale alongside their reps. As communication around the sales process improves, managers can detect exactly where challenges exist. Your managers can focus on skill development while the sale is underway, spending coaching time on activities that make the biggest impact.

Assessments that get the right people in the door and reveal the best ways to coach them. 

Skillful coaching can transform performance levels, but it’s more efficient to hire the right people than to try to develop the wrong ones. TriMetrix® assessments allow sales managers to hire talent that is naturally suited for the position and your unique company culture. Coaching reports reveal the best ways to motivate and communicate with new hires as well as current sales team members. 

Training and tools that focus on your sales managers’ coaching performance. 

Sales management training teaches your sales managers the leadership and coaching skills to get the highest level of performance out of every sales rep—that means tracking less and coaching more.

Your sales managers need to do more than track the activities surrounding the sale—they need to coach and motivate in a way that actually helps their people sell more effectively. With the right training and tools from The Brooks Group, they can do that.

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