Drive Sales Growth in an Ever-Changing Sales Environment

Overcome Unexpected Marketplace Changes
with an Updated Sales Strategy

Strong brands often make for weak salespeople. And the same can be said for protections from legal frameworks, patents, market monopolies, or even just “business as usual.” And this is a big problem when that applecart gets flipped over. Because it’s at these moments that your company’s survival often largely depends on your sales team’s ability to adapt to the challenge. 

The Brooks Group specializes in helping companies re-tool and revamp their sales team to overcome major industry and business disruptors. Here’s how we do it: 

Training that’s Customized to Your New Selling Environment


Training that’s Customized to Your New Selling Environment

If your sales environment has recently changed, then there’s no better time to train your team to thrive in it. We’ll customize a program that specifically addresses the changes within your marketplace and the best ways for your team to adapt to them.

“Swipe-and-Deploy” Training Tools that are Useful Immediately


“Swipe-and-Deploy” Training Tools that are Useful Immediately

Selling in a new environment will require a good deal of adapting from your sales team, so we give them tools they can apply right away in the field. No theories to sift through, just customized strategies that will make them better sellers the very next day.

Real-Time Sales Coaching to Reinforce an Updated Sales Strategy


Real-Time Sales Coaching to Reinforce an Updated Sales Strategy

Reinforcement is always critical, but it’s especially important with a sales team that’s transitioning to a new selling environment. Coaching specialists will guide your team through customer interactions and direct coaching to areas in need of improvement.

TriMetrix Assessments to Evaluate Current and Future Team Members


TriMetrix® Assessments to Evaluate Current and Future Team Members

Sales assessments reveal which members of your team already have what it takes to succeed in the new marketplace—and which ones are willing to adapt. Hire confidently with position benchmarks that indicate the skills needed for success in your new sales environment.

There’s no time to waste when your marketplace suddenly shifts. You need a concrete plan, and a training provider that specializes in the fast delivery of customized solutions. The Brooks Group can deploy your sales training program in as little as 3 weeks and gain measurable results from your team in 3-4 months.

Typical Engagement Timeline for Operationalized Sales Training 



Week 1

In this session, we ensure your project team is aligned to your goals. We show you and your stakeholders exactly what to expect and when to expect it. Most importantly, we walk you through when you’ll start seeing results.

Week 2

During our Discover Process, we’re implementing a number of our patented analysis tools. We use focus groups, interviews, and “ride-alongs” to truly gain an understanding of your unique selling environment so that everything we deliver is tailored specifically to your situation.

Week 3

A critical part of our unique process is not only to customize the curriculum to your selling environment, but also to personalize the experience to each of your learners. This involves our whole-person assessments, which allow participants to experience the curriculum as it applies to them, individually.

Week 4

Thanks to our Outcomes-Based Design Process, we operationalize our curriculum and tie it to what you’re looking to accomplish. At this point, our Discover Team aligns with our Instructional Design team to ensure that the data we gathered from you, your stakeholders, and our experiences in the field are implemented into the curriculum we’re designing for you.


Week 5

It’s not about having a “fun” time. It’s about meaningful impact. During this stage, our Designers are building exercises specifically for you. They will create case studies based on what we see in the field, interactive experiences that tie precisely to your reality, and – ultimately – tools that help you drive the results you seek

Week 6

We present a Design Guide, which shows you what we intend to deploy to your team. This allows us to ensure we’re on track and working toward the same goals you set. You and your stakeholders provide us with the course correction you see fit.

Week 7

Here’s where the “rubber meets the road.” Our facilitators and your participants engage with material, implementing the change management we’ve been building toward.

Week 8

Immediately following the initial training event, we’ll convene with you and your stakeholders to get initial feedback. During the coaching and reinforcement portion of our engagement, we’ll dig deeper into everything that was taught, specifically integrating it into your team’s day-to-day experiences.


Week 9

Each week of coaching and reinforcement, we’ll dig into a specific topic that your team needs to operationalize in order to achieve the results you’re seeking. Just like our training, these topics are tailored to your specific goals. The first week may call for us to integrate your customized Pre-Call Planning Tool into your team’s daily routine.

Week 10

Typically, by the second week of coaching and reinforcement, our clients begin seeing improvements. It may be that managers are having richer conversations with reps or that the funnel is more accurately reflecting what’s happening in the field. It may even be that deal velocity is increased or that deal size is up. Regardless of the metric, we’re consistently told the “impact happens sooner than we thought.”

Week 11

For the next several weeks, we continue coaching and reinforcement. This week, we may explore ways your team has successfully elevated their personal brand among the markets they serve.

Week 12

Each session is tailored to your specific needs. But, this week, perhaps we’ll work with your team to analyze deals they’re currently working from the standpoint of improving their relationship with key influencers.


Week 13

In the midst of the coaching and reinforcement process, we take a moment to formally check in with you and your stakeholders. It’s here that we course correct (if necessary) and adjust anything that may need some attention.

Week 14

Although each reinforcement curriculum is tailored, this week we might be developing a unique questioning strategy that’s tied to a new market the team has been asked to open up.

Week 15

This week, we might revisit the ways in which your team is delivering proposals to their potential buyers. Our facilitators will use best practices to understand what’s working and, more importantly, what could be improved in order to see a better win rate.

Week 16

Perhaps we’ll use this week to check in with your team about how they use tools that exist or that we’ve provided as part of our engagement. We may ask for specific examples of what’s working and what’s not in order get discussion flowing among peers.


Week 17

In this session, we’ll probably review all that we’ve accomplished together in order to provide your team with perspective and a deep understanding of the transformation they’ve undertaken. They’ll see the improvements to things like deal velocity, deal size, and other metrics they’ve acknowledged as needing improvement.

Week 18

A project summary provides you and your team with a means to review what happened during this engagement. It helps validate what was seen during the previous weeks.


By this point, we know each other as well as partners can. And, because we believe in the idea that you and your team can continue to grow and improve, we continue to support you even after our engagement ends. Nearly ninety percent of our clients remain with us for five or more years. The reason? We partner in order to continue developing the teams we serve.


What kind of financial commitment can you expect with customized sales training?

What kind of financial commitment can you expect with customized sales training?

The Brooks Group doesn’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” training programs. We’ll work with you to develop a program that’s right for your team.

Pricing will vary from 5,000-60,000 USD depending on the level of customization that takes place, with an average program coming in at around 15,000 USD.

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