Sales Training Solutions that Solve Your Biggest Sales Challenges

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helping sales teams like yours identify and overcome their greatest challenges
The Brooks Group has been in the sales performance industry for over 40 years – helping sales teams like yours identify and overcome their greatest challenges.

We’ve developed a set of proven processes, systems, and sales enablement tools that will elevate the performance of your sales force and propel your organization towards reaching—and exceeding—your growth goals.

Is Your Sales Team Experiencing Any of the Following Common Challenges?

Salespeople Aren’t Engaging in High-Level Business Conversations

Today’s buyer expects more from a sales rep than listing a solution’s features or technical specs.

Your salespeople must be equipped to consult with buyers at every level of the organization, communicate business benefits, and offer strategic insight.

If they’re not, you risk being passed by the competition.

Sales Managers Lack a Consistent Coaching Process

Sales managers are force multipliers and play a pivotal role in your team’s overall success.

Effective sales managers adapt to their individual team members and execute a consistent sales coaching strategy to move the performance needle.

If your sales managers lack a process and are reactive rather than proactive, your sales team’s performance will undoubtedly suffer.

Channel Partners are Underperforming

When you rely on distribution partners to sell your product, it can feel as though sales performance is out of your control.

Without a clear channel partnership strategy you risk losing mindshare and profit margin.

If you’re challenged with channel partners who aren’t selling enough of your product at high margin, targeting the salespeople within your network is the solution you need.

Sales Team Lacks a Common Process and Language

Your sales team needs a common operating system to run at full efficiency.

If your salespeople aren’t following a standardized, buyer-focused sales process, they’re driving prospects away, wasting time, and losing out on profitable sales revenue.

You’ve Experienced a Disruptor in Your Industry or Marketplace

The one consistency in today’s marketplace is that it’s constantly changing.

Sellers must be agile and able to adapt to shifts including:

  • Your core customer base shrinking or expiring
  • Increased competition and lower-priced options
  • Fast growth and shifted sales environments

A sales force unable to adapt their sales strategy will be left behind.

High Sales Turnover is Holding You Back

Your salespeople are the face of your company and the drivers of your growth.

A sluggish, ineffective sales hiring process eats away at profits and damages team morale.

You must determine the qualities necessary for superior performance in your unique sales roles, and hire sales talent capable of achieving success on a consistent and long-term basis.

Why a Sales Process is Critical to Overcome Sales Challenges

The sales challenges you’re experiencing are often the symptoms of a deeper, fundamental issue – the lack of a consistent sales process.

Laying the foundation for sales performance improvement begins with giving your sellers a structured sales process to follow and a common sales language they can use with sales managers during coaching sessions.

The repeatable steps of IMPACT Selling will allow your sales force to meet prospects and customers where they are in the buying process to maintain alignment, build credibility, and engage in meaningful dialogue that progresses the sale.

The steps of IMPACT selling

How We Work with You to Resolve Your Sales Challenges

The Brooks Group will do a deep dive into your unique sales environment in order to customize a training program that accurately reflects your team makeup, marketplace, and challenges faced by your salespeople.

We’ll work with you to uncover the sales enablement strategy that makes the most sense for achieving both your short and long-term goals.

Based on your unique situation, we’ll use some or all of the following tools to understand your environment prior to training:

Sales Ride-Alongs & Field Observations

We send our consultants into the field with your reps and managers to uncover gaps in skills, strength areas, and your marketplace realities. These observations are translated into an executive summary designed to drive the customization process.

Personal Assessments

Gaining a deep understanding of your people and your sales positions is crucial to delivering a best-in-class training engagement. Using our proprietary assessment tools, we’ll conduct a sales team analysis to identify your current team capabilities and areas to improve future sales hiring, coaching, and development.

Sales Force Alignment Audit

Understanding perceptions inside of your sales force is fundamental to delivering a successful training initiative. Our anonymous Alignment Audit is carefully designed to uncover gaps and challenges between your management team and front-line sales reps.

Job Benchmarks

Our talent management experts will work with stakeholders in your organization to determine the key competencies needed for success in your specific sales roles. Having an ideal candidate profile will allow you to take the guesswork out of hiring, and select salespeople perfectly matched for the position.

Stakeholder Interviews

Our consultants will conduct a 360 analysis on your sales organization from the perspective of senior leadership, field managers, and salespeople. We uncover where you are today and how we’ll need to work with you to achieve your short and long-term goal

Client Interviews

There’s simply no better source of information than your prospects and customers. Our consultants can get to the bottom of what your customer base really wants from your solution — and your salespeople.

Hear from Our Clients

“The quality of the content and the professionalism and enthusiasm of every consultant was outstanding! The best sales training that I’ve attended in 25 years.”

overcoming sales challenges

Tim Rubert
VP of Sales, BoundTree Medical

“The Brooks Group understands what it takes to deliver long-term behavioral change at the sales and sales management level, and I highly recommend their services.”

overcoming selling challenges

Patrick Scully
EVP of Sales, Motor Coach Industries,

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Participants performing at 75-110% of quota
winning up to 10 new accounts after applying new skills from training
the training improved their sales performance in a quantifiable way
using what they learned in their day-to-day activities after the training occurred

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