Award Winning IMPACT Selling Programs 

Over 40 years of improving sales performance for clients in a wide range of industries

The Brooks Group provides customized sales and sales management training programs that allow your salespeople to sell more effectively and your sales managers to coach and lead more successfully. At the core of every training program are the solid, tested principles and tools of IMPACT Selling® – a system designed to increase selling effectiveness regardless of the product or service being sold. IMPACT works well in business, direct to individual, and recruiting capacities. The principles and skills work for both B2B and B2C selling and recruiting.

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Any industry can benefit from the principles of IMPACT Selling. We are industry leading and award winning program directors with multiple options to fuel your success:

Give your sales team the skills to communicate value to healthcare providers and end users

The In-Person IMPACT Selling® Seminar Professional Sales Training Program

A proven sales process taught to over one million sales professionals

Our IMPACT sales training plan will give your team the tools to research and connect with your target corporate business and buyer persona, ask the right questions, and listen to understand their business challenges. They will have more effective sales calls, have more success finding & gaining leads, and connect with people making purchasing decisions in a way that leads to more closed business.

IMPACT Digital

Offered through BrooksUP, IMPACT Digital is a set of seven, 30-minute self-paced digital learning modules which cover the core content from our IMPACT Selling Skills training. This solution is ideal for organizations to train a mass of salespeople quickly on a core process or to catch up a few who may have missed scheduled live events.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

IMPACT for Customer Service

Customer Service Training to Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue

IMPACT for Customer Service is a customizable training program designed to give your customer service representatives the skills needed to delight customers, grow customer loyalty, and differentiate your company from the competition with world-class customer service. This live, instructor-led program can be offered virtually or in-person.

Attract New Customers and Build Trust with Clients and Prospects
Avoid these common mistakes during your next sales pitch.

Strategic Account Management Training

Enable Your Sales Teams to Become Trusted Advisors and Retain Key Accounts – Now Offered as Open Enrollment

The Strategic Account Management training will help your salespeople master the art of organizing, managing, and growing their most profitable business accounts through well-defined, effective account management procedures. In this live, instructor-led course (offered virtually or in-person) participants will learn a highly practical system for developing and providing service to each of their key accounts in ways that will strengthen client relationships—and drive additional sales revenue for your company.

Sales Management Training

Master the Art of Sales Coaching

A complete program of actionable sales leadership skills and insight you can apply with your team immediately. Optimized for a highly interactive, transformational experience and offered virtually or in-person.

Help your sales team excel with virtual sales training.
Digital sales training for sales teams.

Virtual IMPACT Selling ® Sales Training

A proven sales process taught to over one million sales professionals

In virtual, instructor-led sessions your salespeople will learn a straightforward sales process that will get them closing more deals, more often.

Brooks Talent Index Certification

Become Your Organization’s Internal Brooks Talent Index Expert

In this interactive, 5-week course, you’ll learn how to confidently interpret assessment results yourself—allowing you to skip the scheduled debriefs and save valuable time during the hiring process.

Become the expert within your organization today!

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