Company Culture at The Brooks Group

Company culture at The Brooks Group isn’t just a line we add to our new employee handbook. We’re dedicated to putting it into practice every day – with our team members, our strategic partners, and our clients.

We believe that the culture we operate from is one of The Brooks Group’s greatest differentiators. We understand growth and unwavering commitment to the customer, and every team member exemplifies our core values while fulfilling our purpose of helping sales organizations achieve sustainable excellence.

Our focus on a strong company culture is driven by adherence to our core values. Hear from members of The Brooks Group team on what each core value means to them.


Life-long Learner

  • Seeks to become a subject matter expert in his or her field.
  • Works to bring value through knowledge to peers and clients.
  • Adopts an “I am not a finished product” attitude.


  • Acts with genuine enthusiasm.
  • Engages in his or her work and what it means to the people we serve.
  • Driven to make a difference in the lives of our clients and colleagues.


  • Considers the impact of his or her decisions and actions on internal and external customers.
  • When in doubt, sits in the customer’s chair.
  • Makes it easy to do business with The Brooks Group.


  • Publicly demonstrates respect for self and others.
  • Approaches each task with optimism.
  • Infectious focus on what’s good versus bad.


  • Steadfast in the achievement of client, organizational, and personal goals.
  • Stays the course, regardless of setbacks and challenges.
  • Unwavering commitment to the purpose.


  • Willing to bend.
  • Flexibility in the name of better outcomes.
  • Tolerant of changing circumstances.


  • Empowered to find solutions using any available resource or person.
  • Presents solutions, not problems.
  • Believes “There must be a way.”
  • Prevents tomorrow’s problems today.

Empowered Performer

  • Uses the 3-2-1 method to solve problems, makes his or her own decisions, suggests new ideas, and asks for help when it’s needed.
  • Given the tools required to do the job and is not “micromanaged.”
  • Owns his or her position and seeks to make it better than when he or she came to it.

When you’re making the decision to partner with a sales training provider, look deeper to what the company values—and whether their culture is in line with your own commitment to excellence.

Ready to partner with a sales training provider who puts culture first? Let’s start a conversation.