Tap Into a Network of Sales Leaders Just Like You

Introducing The Brooks Sales Leadership Forum: A Peer Advisory Program Designed Especially For Sales Leaders Who Understand the Value of Seeking and Giving Advice

Leading a sales team is a lonely – and sometimes frustrating – job. Some days it feels like you’re herding cats. In addition to the challenges of hitting the number in the face of unbelievable uncertainty, senior leadership wants answers you’re not always in a position to give.

However, if you’re anything like members of The Brooks Sales Leadership Forum, you understand the solutions to problems like these oftentimes exist in the minds and experience of fellow sales leaders who have “been there, done that.”

It’s not always possible to just pick up the phone and call other sales leaders and get their advice. If you’re lucky enough to have some peers in your network, they’re usually just as busy as you are trying to solve the same problems. That’s precisely the reason we have developed The Brooks Sales Leadership Forum.

Get Insight From Sales Leaders Just Like You

For 40 years, The Brooks Group has worked with thousands of sales leaders across many industries. During that time, we have learned that there is more collective experience in the minds of our clients than we even have ourselves. When the COVID crisis struck, we realized one of the most powerful ways to help was to create a venue for our clients to create connections and share information with each other. Because of the incredible value our clients got from these calls, we decided to build and offer an even more robust Sales Leadership Forum as a permanent program for sales leaders to make connections and get answers from each other.

Why Join a Forum?

Through ongoing collaboration other sales leaders, you’ll gain real insight and action steps to take immediately.

  • Fill your "war room" with other successful sales leaders, each with different experiences and perspectives to help solve today's issues

  • Brainstorm go-to-market tips, strategies, and insights that can be particularly useful in a dynamic and fluid market

  • Gain ideas for keeping a sales team engaged and generating revenue as well as how to identify top talent

  • Strategies and accountability for professional development goal

What's Included?

Membership in the forums is offered at two levels, Prime and Premium, and both include a spot in the live facilitated sessions. Newly added to the membership is the Brooks Talent Index personal assessment, one-on-one coaching opportunities, and access to the private LinkedIn Forum Group. 

Additionally, Premium members will receive early access to research from our Sales Performance Research Center, access to invitation-only special events with outside speakers, and a partial subscription to Sales Year for select members of your team.

Throughout the year, your specially assigned forum group will meet every 6 weeks for a 2-hour session.All meetings are confidential, and calls are not recorded. Each forum group is limited to just ten sales leaders, ensuring every member gets the most out of the experience.

For more information on what’s included with each membership, or to inquire about newly forming groups, fill out the form below.

Testimonials From Leaders

"The Brooks Group has been great and very supportive in a time of need. The direction and informative calls, webinars, and forums have been priceless. The opportunity to connect was informative. I look forward to this week’s forum to see how much has changed versus our views, concerns, and challenges from last week. Thank you for hosting and connecting all of us. FYI - I had two pages of takeaways from last week’s forum!"
Terry Parsons, Director of Operations, Heil of Texas
"I have really enjoyed the Leadership Forums each week. It’s interesting to hear what other teams are experiencing, and what they are implementing. We have taken a few of the strategies and used them on our teams. I think we are all cautiously gearing back up to restart our sales efforts but things are still seeming to change day by day. The groups continue to offer good suggestions and it is a safe place to share thoughts with other sales leaders."
Chad Shiver, Regional Sales Manager, J.A. King

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