The Brooks Group To Release Research-Backed Prospecting Strategies for 2023

Prospecting Webinar

November 2, 2022

 Michelle Richardson, Vice President of Sales Performance Research at The Brooks Group, has completed research aimed at understanding the most effective messaging and prospecting strategies salespeople should use with modern B2B buyers.

199 B2B buyers and 137 salespeople were surveyed, to discover:

  • Which delivery methods (email, phone, LinkedIn, etc) do buyers prefer?
  • How many times does a salesperson reach out before buyers respond?
  • Under what conditions are buyers most likely to speak with a salesperson?

Oftentimes, a salesperson’s execution of the sales process does not align with the buyer’s expectation. This dissonance can lead to unnecessary frustration and failure in sales. 

The findings will be discussed on Friday, November 4th in a webinar titled “What Works in Prospecting: Research-Backed Strategies to Fill the Sales Funnel”. Additional topics will include the most effective messaging to generate a sales meeting, and the role of referrals in sales outreach. Webinar attendees will be among the first to receive a copy of the whitepaper detailing the findings. 

When asked what makes this research timely, Richardson said “We picked this topic because prospecting is always a challenge. Recently, when we ask clients what their biggest challenges are, prospecting and lead generation are almost always mentioned. Prospecting is the driving force behind nearly every metric sales leaders and high-level management monitor.”

Registration is free, and a brief Q&A will follow. To register, please visit: 

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