Founder of The Brooks Group Inducted Into The Sales Hall of Fame

January 25, 2011 – Greensboro, NC  Bill Brooks (1945–2007), founder of the global sales training firm, The Brooks Group, was posthumously inducted into the first-ever class of the Sales Hall of Fame.

The Sales Hall of Fame recognizes individuals for their outstanding contributions to Professional Selling. It was created by Top Sales World, an international online community dedicated exclusively to the profession of sales.

During his career, Bill Brooks was a failure-to-success sales professional who climbed the ranks from door-to-door salesperson to CEO. He wrote more than 20 sales and sales management books (including 3 best sellers), recorded countless audio programs, and developed the IMPACT Selling® System, which is in use by thousands of companies in hundreds of industries. In 1977, he founded The Brooks Group, which continues to thrive, training and assessing thousands of salespeople each year.

According to Will Brooks, President of The Brooks Group and older son of Bill, “This honor is a reminder that my father’s legacy lasts well beyond his life. He had a passion for professional selling that we continue to celebrate and keep current and relevant.”

Other inductees included: Zig Ziglar, Linda Richardson, Earl Nightingale, Keith Rosen, Jeffrey Gitomer, Neil Rackham, Tony Alessandra, Brian Tracy, and Gerhard Gschwandtner.

“Bill was really a pioneer in the sales field who, unfortunately, passed away much too soon. However, his sons have taken over the company and they’re wonderful stewards of his legacy. I’m very glad to see Bill Brooks in the Top Sales Hall of Fame,” said fellow-inductee, Gerhard Gschwantdner.

About The Brooks Group

Founded in 1977, The Brooks Group has helped thousands of organizations in 500 industries transform their business practices through practical, down-to-earth skills development in sales, sales management and personal performance growth.

The Brooks Group is recognized by Training Industry, Inc. and Selling Power Magazine as a top tier sales training firm. The company offers its clients proven, best-practice tools – an easy-to-implement sales methodology, industry-leading reinforcement and accountability systems, and sales management training for performance coaching – all geared toward producing long-term, sustainable results. The Brooks Group can be reached online by going to