Essential Elements of a World-Class Sales Coaching Program

A recent study shows that while close to 90% of organizations provide some sort of coaching to their salespeople, 65% of those programs are considered ineffective.

The Brooks Group has teamed up with Training Industry, Inc., a research organization focused on best-practices in sales team effectiveness, to get to the bottom of the current state of sales coaching. We uncovered some really eye-opening stats around what works – and what doesn’t – as it relates to the amount of time, energy and effort a successful coaching program requires.


Here’s the bottom-line:

If sales managers aren’t formally trained to coach their sales reps to become more successful on their own, then they’ll constantly remain in the activity trap of:

  • Closing deals
  • Supporting ineffective reps
  • Managing accounts that sales reps should be managing themselves

And our research shows that’s not where they should be spending their time.