Coaching to IMPACT Program

Maximize your Corporate Sales Training ROI and keep IMPACT alive on your team with a practical sales coaching program


Who is This Program Intended For?

Sales managers and/or sales leaders of teams trained in IMPACT Selling

Program Benefits

Improve Sales Coaching Skills

Turn sales managers into elite sales coaches capable of driving high performance from each salesperson

Refine Selling Skills

Dig deeper into the developmental areas of each member of your sales team

Standardize the IMPACT Process

Reinforce the steps of IMPACT making it the “new normal” in your sales organization

Maximize Training ROI

Solidify new selling skills, turning classroom learning into real business results

Improve Sales Team Dynamics

Enhance communication between sales managers and their team members

What’s Included in the Coaching to IMPACT Training Program?

  • Practical, easy to implement coaching strategies presented by one of our expert sales performance trainers
  • Role play activities allowing sales managers to improve their skills as a sales coach
  • Coaching to IMPACT Participant Workbook
  • Coaching Toolkit – Joint Call Evaluations, Discovery Form, Selling Skills Scorecard, and the IMPACT Coaching Guide
  • Personal Assessments – Sales managers will receive assessment results for themselves and 2 direct reports. The results will allow them to better understand their sales management style, as well as communication preferences, motivators, and skills of team members to focus coaching conversations and improve sales results.
  • Follow-Up Strategy Session with sales performance expert

Coaching to IMPACT Program Overview

  • Module 1: Review IMPACT as a Manager
  • Module 2: Know Your Sales Professionals
  • Module 3: Coaching Your Team
  • Module 4: Reinforcing IMPACT

Give your sales managers a practical sales coaching system so they can maximize the performance of each of their team members.

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Ready to turn your sales managers into expert IMPACT sales coaches? Let’s start a conversation.