IMPACT for Tradeshows


As a sales manager, you are investing a lot of money in your team this tradeshow season. Be sure they are collecting more than just bar tabs and business cards while on the showroom floor.

Listen to this short webinar on how your team can use the steps of the IMPACT Selling process to determine objectives, talking points, and resources that will result in more leads.

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Hosts Tony Smith, Director of Sales Strategy Consulting, and Josh Winters, Director of Business Development for a short webinar and learn how to:

  • Approach trade show leads and prospects in neutral and engage to build rapport
  • Create a consistent value message that stimulates prospect interest
  • Use questioning strategies to engage prospects, facilitate deeper tradeshow conversation, and uncover potential opportunities
  • Identify the most important information to uncover in tradeshow conversations, and determine the best questions to ask to gain information
  • Follow-up on tradeshow prospects and follow through with agreed upon next steps