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7 Tips to Build a Customer-Centric Culture and Increase Sales Revenue

In a world where the buyer is in control, happy customers are the secret to growth. In fact, the probability of selling to an existing, happy customer is up to 14 times higher than the probability of selling to a new customer.

Join Lisa Rose, Regional VP of Sales, and Russ Sharer, Director of Sales Effectiveness, as they reveal the 7 tips your team can implement today to become more customer-centric and increase overall sales.

5 Tips for Building Stronger Relationships with Your Most Profitable Accounts

The number one way to grow revenue is to sell more to existing accounts. That requires your sales reps and account managers to develop strong customer relationships with your organization’s key clients.

Join Marcia Neese, Regional VP of Sales, and Drea Douglass, Director of Talent Management Consulting, as they walk you through the 5 tips to help your team build stronger customer relationships—and tap into the growth opportunity of your organization’s most essential accounts.

6 Tips to Boost Your Sales Team’s Confidence and Improve Their Performance

Confidence is important in any position, but it’s especially important in a sales role. When your salespeople are confident, it builds confidence in your prospects and customers, and removes any doubts or fears they may have around your offerings.

Join Steve Hackett, Regional VP of Sales and Rich Recchio, Director of Marketing, as they reveal 6 tips you can use to boost your sales team’s confidence and improve their performance.

The Simple Formula Your Salespeople Can Use to Master Storytelling and Outsell the Competition

Humans have been using the art of storytelling for thousands of years to tap into their listeners’ emotions and convey a memorable message. Your salespeople can master this age-old technique to vividly illustrate a point, make their sales presentations stand out from the competition, and move a customer into action. Join Lisa Rose, RVP of Sales, and Anita Greenland, VP of Sales as they “demystify” storytelling with a simple formula your salespeople can use in every presentation they deliver.

How to Prioritize Accounts to Create a Business Plan that Hits the Target

Your salespeople have one-million-and-one things to do—and a limited number of hours in a day to do them. Make sure they know exactly where they should be spending their time by helping them strategically prioritize their accounts. Join Lisa Rose, RVP of Sales and Will Brooks, COO, as they walk you through best practices for identifying accounts with the greatest return on investment—so you can help your reps create and execute on a business plan that hits the number.

How to Develop a 4 Step Action Plan for Achieving Sales Target

As we round out the first half of the year, is your sales team where it needs to be to hit your year-end goals? Tune in to learn how to turn summer downtime into an opportunity to regroup, recalibrate, and fine tune your sales engine for 3rd and 4th quarter. Discover how to develop an action plan to hit your sales targets by the end of the year, and ramp up quickly after the summertime lull many of us experience.

How to Fight Sales Turnover with Your Onboarding Strategy

Are you accepting the constant churn of sales force turnover as unavoidable? The truth is, you can radically reduce your sales turnover—by recognizing where the real issue begins. A tight onboarding process lays the tracks for salespeople to get up to speed quickly, and stay on course with your company for the long haul.

Make Lost Deals Work for You: 5 Steps to an Effective Postmortem

When a long sales cycle ends in defeat, it can feel like you’ve lost more than just the deal. But there’s a lot to be gained from a miss. Make sure your salespeople can brush themselves off quickly and capitalize on the experience with an effective post-sale analysis.


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