Susan Sadler

Director of Sales Effectiveness


Susan Sadler

Director of Sales Effectiveness

Industry Expertise and Experience

  • Executive Presence
  • High-Impact Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation
  • Sales Coaching

Professional Certifications

  • Workplace Training and Assessment (Cert IV, Australia)
  • EQi2.0
  • DISC
  • Harrison
  • IMPACT Selling®

Susan Sadler helps her clients clearly define their goals and priorities, articulate desired leadership behaviors, and holds them accountable for making their vision a reality. She inspires others to stretch professionally and/or personally, and to move beyond their comfort zone…and to find joy in the journey.

Career and Education

Susan is a Professional Certified Coach at Sadler Communications. She holds a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies from UCLA and brings to her coaching and consulting more than 20 years of experience in the communications industry—both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur.

Prior to moving to Asia close to 20 years ago, Susan was co-owner of a consultancy in Los Angeles. She has held international management positions in advertising and public relations.

Susan’s coaching clients include leaders from many industries and organizations such as Cisco, DHL and AT&T, and the Singapore Civil Service. She has delivered training courses on Developmental Coaching, Business Leadership, Executive Presentation Skills, and many others, for clients such as Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the NBA (National Basketball Association), and Singtel.

Susan has appeared on radio station 93.8LIVE, and in publications Simply Her, HR magazine, and others. She has been recognized by the National Heritage Board in Singapore and was awarded the Special Recognition Award by the Minister of Communication and the Arts (MICA)

Based in Singapore, Susan works with coaching clients in China, India, Australia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. Having lived in Asia for 20 years, she is well positioned to interact with many cultures. In addition to delivering corporate training, she is a speaker on a variety of topics, including Influence in the Workplace, Making Conflict Work, and many others.