Shabeen A. Narang

Director of Sales Effectiveness


Shabeen A. Narang

Director of Sales Effectiveness

Industry Expertise and Experience

  • Banking & Financial
  • Insurance
  • Information Technology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Telecommunications

Professional Certifications

  • MBA
  • IMPACT Selling®
  • Certification in Gamification (Wharton Business School)

Shabeen is a Director of Sales Effectiveness for The Brooks Group. Her core strength is the ability to conceptualize, strategize and at the same time deep-dive into granularity to ensure that the strategy is practical and will deliver the required results. Her approach to all opportunities and challenges is to look at them with a de novo perspective (as no two contexts are identical).

Shabeen is passionate about “measurable results” and she applies this in all fields that she works in – including measurement of people initiatives by linking them to business metrics, and the buttoning down of the exact impact for service and operations.

Her experience as a leader of both small and large, remote and “under one roof” teams, enables Shabeen to take a systematic approach to business environment and work and leadership challenges across diverse functions

Career and Education

Shabeen holds a BA (Hons) and an MBA in Faculty of Management from St Stephens College in Delhi, India. In her 25 years of work experience she has worked with global companies including Citibank, Reliance Infocomm, Citigroup Global Services, and Fullerton India Credit Company.

Shabeen has managed diverse business functions including Sales, Service, Operations, and Product Management and has headed HR and Training and Development for banking and financial services and various IT companies. She is currently the CEO and founder of Trajectories Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Interests and Hobbies

Shabeen enjoys spending time with her family, reading, travelling, dancing, exercising, and acting. She currently resides in Mumbai, India.