Liz Karp

Liz Karp

Group Vice President of Sales


Liz is a sales strategist with a track record of high performance in competitive global markets. Known for leading learning initiatives with an outcomes-focused mindset, Liz thinks in terms of partnerships and not projects. Liz is a creative solutions architect, capable of understanding client goals and objectives, then bringing forward solutions that drive revenue, or somehow measurably improve performance across enterprises. With deep subject matter expertise in both adult learning and sales methodologies, Liz brings decades of client experience as a strategic advisor, player-coach, and sales leader. A SME as sales process consultant, virtual learning process, content migration strategist and general performance improvement specialist, Liz enjoys supporting strong client relationships.

Liz began work in corporate learning and development in 1989, writing case studies for the Department of Labor. She next worked on the executive team of a premiere global sales training organization for sixteen years, and has been working to bring solutions for all that is possible with sales and learning technology to global enterprises since.  A former advisor to NASA, Bain & Company, GLG, and ProSapient, she has also done growth strategy work for top companies in the training industry.


Liz completed her undergraduate work in social sciences and graduate work in organizational behavior at Harvard University.  She is certified in numerous training methodologies.

Interest and Hobbies

Liz lives in San Diego with her husband and dog, where they enjoy going to “dog beach”, snorkeling, cooking, and coastal hiking.  She is a hobby suspense writer and enjoys traveling to places known for great food.