Jim Packard

Jim Packard

Vice President of Product Innovation

Jim Packard is the Vice President of Product Innovation, where he is responsible for reviewing the existing product suite and creating a strategy and plan to improve it. His work impacts anything from product offerings, instructional design, modalities, and marketing collateral.

Jim has a background as an English teacher at Eagle Gate College, where he developed engaging online training material despite limitations imposed on him by the newly developed technology available at the time.

His success in helping students learn using online platforms launched into a ten-year career at Franklin Covey, where he created innovative webinar rooms using Adobe Connect, Zoom, and Web Ex. He also leveraged his deep subject-matter expertise to help clients identify their leadership and organizational development needs, and strategize solutions to achieve desired results.

He received his M.A. in English from Weber State University in 2009, and his Masters of Science, Leadership and Management from Western Governors University in 2021.

Jim’s pragmatic approach to learning drives him to remove barriers that prevent learners from finding practical applications for the techniques they learn. He has spoken to many organizations and individual learners to uncover which learning modalities people like, and has found that the most effective training is one that people opt-in to and are willing to implement.

You can find Jim spending his free time in the mountains around his home in Utah, where he enjoys spending his time hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, kayaking, and rock climbing with his wife Tamara, four sons, Isaac (12), Jude (10), William (7), and Zeke (3), and sometimes the family dog, Millie.