Edward “Buddy” Jones

Director of Sales Effectiveness


Edward “Buddy” Jones

Director of Sales Effectiveness

Industry Expertise and Experience

  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications

Professional Certifications

  • IMPACT Selling®
  • Certified Analyst for DISC, PIAV
  • SPHR

With a 30+ year tenure in the sales and training industry, clients respect and relate to Buddy’s expertise in strengthening their sales teams. Possessing a wealth of sales, facilitation, and coaching experience, Buddy continues to transform the careers of thousands of salespeople and sales managers through his relatable personality and experiences.

For Buddy, the real satisfaction comes from training initiatives that significantly improve participants’ careers and earnings. He is continually motivated by having the ability to work directly with program participants, while being able to understand and fix their “pain points.” Whether it is during a field observation, a coaching session, or a live training, Buddy considers every day to be an opportunity for him to learn something new.

Career and Education

Buddy spent four years in the U.S. Air Force. Following his service, he went to the University of Nebraska and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business. Soon after graduation, Buddy began his career in Organizational Development at a textile manufacturing company. The experience he gained in that position led him to build a long-term career in the training industry and develop his own successful consulting firm. In 2003, he was introduced to IMPACT Selling® and two years later decided to become a distributor and train his clients on the system.