Lauren Davis

Allan Kuylen

Senior Producer | Technical Project Manager

Professional Certifications

  • IMPACT Selling®
  • Brooks Talent Index Certification

Allan is the Senior Producer/Technical Project Manager for The Brooks Group. In this role, Allan is responsible for recruiting, training, supervising, and further developing the Producer team. In addition, Allan ensures an optimal use of client-facing technologies, provides technical assistance to the Learning Information Systems Manager by maintaining and updating our learning technologies suite, and leverages his media production experience for Marketing projects.

Career & Education

Allan began working at The Brooks Group part-time as a Virtual Programs Producer at the beginning of his senior year in college. After 8 months as a Producer, Allan transitioned into full-time status, just three days after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in May 2021 with a BS in Biology. As a recent graduate, Allan brings fresh perspective to the Client Experience team while gaining valuable professional working experience.

Interests & Hobbies

Allan is an avid musician, primarily playing drums for his metal and punk rock bands. Additionally, he independently produces music for solo projects and collaborations with musician friends, for which he also plays guitar and bass.

Allan loves to travel and see new places; one of the ways he gets to do so is by visiting his family in Costa Rica. He is very proud of his heritage, being only the third member of his family born in the United States. He also spent a semester studying abroad performing ecology research in the region of Finland that resides within the Arctic Circle, an experience he often regards as “Indescribable, yet unforgettable.”