Set Sales Goals. Plan. Execute.

Help Your Team Build Strategic Plans That Guarantee They Kill It in the Upcoming Year

Introducing The Brooks Group’s Sales Territory Planning Workshop:

A seminar customized specifically for your business and the single best way to set your sales team up for success in the upcoming year. With our proven methodology, your team will walk away from this 2-day program with easy-to-follow business plans that they’ll take ownership of… and more importantly, execute on.


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Sales Territory Planning


Your sales team will develop action plans for next year by focusing on 3 areas of business


Target Accounts

Identify accounts belonging to competitors and develop action plans to win them


Growth Accounts

Determine exactly how to grow high-potential accounts


Key Accounts

Build action plans to increase revenue from already top-producing accounts

Why This Program? Why Now?

  • Hitting your number is a non-negotiable must-do.
  • Every member of your team must be empowered to achieve their goal in a way that works for them… and for you.
  • As a leader, you have to reduce the pain around the question, “Are we going to hit the number?”
  • Build early momentum by planning now to drive next year’s performance.

The Brooks Group will show you and your team exactly how to put all of this into place, empowering you to carry your success forward into the coming year and beyond.

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