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Elevating the Sales Profession - Our Cause

Sales Training

Yesterday, in an impressive value-building move, our bank sent us a 40-minute video of a recent speech by bestselling business author Jason Jennings.  He spoke about his research on top-performing companies.  It was a great presentation, but one thing he said really caught my attention…

Great Companies Turn What They Do Into a CAUSE

A cause, he said, is more than a mission statement or vision statement. It’s big and bold. It’s inclusive. It's kind of like the BHAG ("Big Hairy Audacious Goal") that Jim Collins and Jerry Porras talked about.

Stop thinking B2B & B2C Sales. Focus on P2P.

Sales Performance Improvement

Stop Thinking B2B & B2C Sales. Focus on P2P.

No matter how you look at it, people buy from other people.

In sales, the term Business-to-Business refers to transactions between two or more corporate entities (and their employees) interacting in a complex manner to exchange value. These transactions can appear impersonal, highly-technical, and lengthy.

Sales Leadership Conference

Leadership Development, Sales Performance Improvement

Earlier this week, I was in Las Vegas for Selling Power Magazine's Sales Leadership Conference. It was for sales leaders who wanted to create more effective sales teams that yield higher productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction.

If there was a thread running through the conference, it was that we -- as Sales Leaders -- need to listen.

Three Powerful Words in Sales

Presentation Skills

I was speaking to a salesperson the other day and was asked if there are any specific power words to use in selling. While there are many words that work from a sales and marketing perspective, I have found that there are three words that — when used properly — carry tremendous influence, no matter what the situation, regardless of the industry and irrespective of the type of person you are meeting with. They are:

Seven Keys to Highly Effective Prospecting

Prospecting Skills

Recently, I was having a conversation with a client who mentioned that, even in our current economy, his top salespeople were still leading the pack! They were doing so with numbers a bit lower than the previous year. In actuality, everyone's numbers had dropped across the board, although some drops were more severe than others.

Prospecting Tips: Direct Value Statement

Prospecting Skills

Can't it be hard to get appointments with prospects? We've all had the experience of leaving phone messages, or networking at events, for prospects we are fairly sure are good ones. I can't give you the magic tool that will make every prospect call back - or accept your next call - but I can make a suggestion that will improve your odds significantly. When you call a prospect, what goes through his or her mind?