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October 18, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

Part of our mission statement at The Brooks Group is to help our clients build Sales Cultures. And, often, when we’re sharing that goal, we get asked….”What’s a sales culture.” Here’s my take. It’s adapted from my father’s 2004 best-selling book, The New Science of Selling and Persuasion.

October 04, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

You hear the word “solution” a lot. Everyone offers some kind of a solution. Whether you sell a complex piece of computer equipment or a handkerchief, you have a solution. The problem is that when everyone says the same thing, it becomes background noise… For example, “we offer the best customer service,” is really meaningless because everyone says it. So does that mean everyone's "solutions" make actual SOLUTIONS as meaningless as self-described great customer service? Possibly.

September 24, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

For 10 years, The Brooks Group has been helping Air Force Reserve recruiters perform their work in a professional, applicant-focused way. It's work we enjoy because it allows us to help men and women who do so much for our nation. Earlier today, I was talking to Kevin Reinert, the Vice President of Military and Government Services here at TBG and he shared some fantastic news...

September 03, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

Sales can be a great career. But, like anything, there are benefits and drawbacks. If you're considering a career in sales, maybe this will be a good place to start. I hope the list will grow over time.


August 24, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

It's a question we hear a lot:

Should I spend my time with top performing salespeople or bottom performers?

Aren't you better off investing your time with responsive salespeople? After all, a good coach brings value to great players and sub-par ones. The same is true in sales management. However, if the salesperson you're coaching won't heed your advice, it's a waste of everyone's time. Right? Responsive salespeople are...

August 13, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Here's what I mean...

Confidence is the feeling or belief that someone can rely on you. Arrogance is having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities.

Here are some differences between the two.

July 09, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks
Do these 21 Characteristics from the 1930s hold true today?
June 29, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

The most powerful word you can learn in any sales negotiation training program is this: "___." That’s right! Say nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.


When a prospect says, for example, "You’re price is WAAY too high."

June 28, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

If you decide to upsell or market another product to people who have already bought something from you, make sure your offering is in alignment with what they actually need.

June 23, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

It turns out that there are a few of you out there who watch our blog, but aren't sure what we do here at The Brooks Group! Please let me fix that!

June 18, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

The other day, I had a great telephone conversation with Anthony Iannarino from The Sales Blog. As an aside, it's a lot of fun to connect with someone offline after getting to know them online - especially given what we talked about. In the interest of full disclosure, he and I have no connection other than that we both manage sales blogs. I will say that, because his content is so interesting, I'm hoping he'll bring a guest post to us here at Sales Evolution. Anyway, we ended up taking about the role of technology in sales.

June 14, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

I have been thinking a lot about sales questions lately. Here at The Brooks Group, we teach salespeople how to use nine, different types of sales questions. Here they are: