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May 14, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

Yesterday, in an impressive value-building move, our bank sent us a 40-minute video of a recent speech by bestselling business author Jason Jennings.  He spoke about his research on top-performing companies.  It was a great presentation, but one thing he said really caught my attention…

April 26, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

Stop Thinking B2B & B2C Sales. Focus on P2P.

No matter how you look at it, people buy from other people.

In sales, the term Business-to-Business refers to transactions between two or more corporate entities (and their employees) interacting in a complex manner to exchange value. These transactions can appear impersonal, highly-technical, and lengthy.

April 22, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

Earlier this week, I was in Las Vegas for Selling Power Magazine's Sales Leadership Conference. It was for sales leaders who wanted to create more effective sales teams that yield higher productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction.

If there was a thread running through the conference, it was that we -- as Sales Leaders -- need to listen.

April 09, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

37 B2B Sales Questions

Nothing is quite as important when you’re talking to a prospect as the questions you ask.

March 15, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

“The only thing about change is that it changes things.” - Yogi Berra We’ve been hosting Sales Buzz Radio -- our free monthly internet radio show -- for a couple of years. We always get excited about the shows and this month’s (12:00 p.m. Eastern Time this Thursday, March 18) is no exception. Our guests will be John Sullivan and Jude Acuff, partners in SalesVision, a sales development and sales management coaching consulting practice. John and Jude will be talking about how Sales Managers can Create Sales Behavior Change in their teams.

March 04, 2010
Written By: Jeb Brooks

Next week, I’m heading to the Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. I’m going because I desperately want to learn as much as possible about how technology is influencing (dramatically changing?) the sales role. I’m most interested in what technology will do to the relationships between salespeople and their prospects. There seem to be two camps.

February 03, 2010
Written By: Anonymous

Next week I have the honor and privilege of presenting and moderating at the Device & Diagnostic Sales Training Conference in Phoenix.

January 21, 2010
Written By: Anonymous

In working with and coaching salespeople, particularly new ones, or untrained ones, I have noticed many stumbling with how to initiate sales calls. Whether “cold” or scheduled appointments, many have difficulty deciding how to open the sales call.

Why not simply be honest and express your intentions? Your prospect/customer knows you’re a salesperson. They are not stupid or naive. Being honest about yourself and your reason for meeting will position you much more favorably. Issue a statement of intention.

August 26, 2009
Written By: Anonymous

Over 1 million people have viewed this video to date and it is a shame 1 billion people have not. I have always found it interesting that retail businesses have had the ability to establish price and for the most part that price is non-negotiable.

Why is it that in B2B sales everything appears to have some level of negotiation? However, in our roles as consumers for items such as office supplies, food, gasoline and a host of other items; we seldom think twice about paying the listed price.

August 21, 2009
Written By: Will Brooks

Thank you to the people who responded to the question above. All great insights. Congratulations to the winner, Rick Thomas! We will be sending you a copy of “How To Sell At Margins Higher Than Your Competitors,” by Bill Brooks & Larry Steinmetz.

August 07, 2009
Written By: Tony Smith

Here are 6 and a half mistakes I have seen salespeople make. We are all guilty of some of these. However, I hope that this list will serve as a reminder to help you from engaging in the following mistakes.

1. Never quote price to an unsold buyer

July 29, 2009
Written By: Anonymous

Last week on a discussion board, there was a considerable thread about “closing techniques”. Various “sales experts” got on and started dialog about The Ben Franklin Close, the silent close (down to the clicking your pen before you slide it over the table) and other closes.

I thought to myself, man what do these guys sell and what kind of relationships do they have with their customers, that they have to try and manipulate their prospects with tactics?


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