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Four Sales Coaching Keys to Delivering Winning Feedback

Leadership Development, Sales Coaching

We’ve all had those moments when a colleague or manager approached us with what they called “constructive feedback” – then unloaded on us with a list of grievances didn’t seem at all to be constructive.

That said, feedback is an indelible part of sales coaching – and when it comes to evaluating and sharing perspectives with your sales team, finding the right venue and message for your reflections is absolutely critical.

Five Ways a Trusted Advisor Earns Their Customer's Devotion

Leadership Development, Sales Training

In today’s selling paradigm, it’s become clear that enterprises, too, are looking for that memorable experience when they seek out a vendor to fulfill their needs. No longer is it adequate to offer a feature and benefits dump and expect to close the deal. Instead, businesses are looking for a trusted advisor – someone knowledgeable on their company and its objectives, and able to suggest specific solutions, in detail, that will support greater efficiencies or increased sales.

Best Practices for Selecting Sales Candidates

Sales Hiring and Retention

Despite our best efforts to attract, vet, and select new sales professionals, choosing good candidates can often seem random. We can’t always see through the dewy veneer that a good sales candidate is adept at fronting. Indeed, how many times have you lamented, a few months after hiring that new team member, that the once-promising recruit was, in fact, a bust?

Four Steps to Winning Larger Accounts

Sales Performance Improvement, Sales Training

Fishing, it would seem, is not as simple as one would think. Sure, you could grab the gear you have collecting dust in your garage, lazily toss a line from a dock into a backyard stream, and eventually, you may grab a bite or two on the line.

But what if you decided that, today’s the day everything’s going to change? Today, you will elevate your fishing game, and set your sights on a larger, more productive body of water – say the Atlantic Ocean, as an example. Using your same technique, you head down to the shoreline with your trusty rod and reel and rubber worms, cast your lines into the deep blue – and, well, you can almost hear the fish laughing at you as they swim by.

What is Sales Optimization?

Sales Performance Improvement, Sales Training

Many sales teams aren't doing all that they can to maximize revenue, even if they think that they are. Sales optimization is a paradigm that seeks to change that. In many leadership models, if the sales teams are reaching their numbers, it's assumed that little needs to change.