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What if you really do offer excellent customer service?

Since everybody says, “we’ve got GREAT customer service,” it just gets drowned out. It ends up meaning nothing, right?

So, my question becomes:

What do you do if you really DO offer excellent customer service? How do you prove it?

Here are two ways. Perhaps there are more you could help me with…

1. Prove it by the way you behave during the sales interaction.

  • During a prospect’s buying experience, you have the opportunity to differentiate yourself AND represent the upcoming ownership (or service) experience for your prospect. The best way to do this is to promise a lot and deliver more. In other words, follow-through on everything you commit to. And, when it’s possible, offer a bit more. Although, you’d better be certain your soon-to-be-buyer actually experiences what you’ve promised.

2. The other way is to procure as many testimonials, references, and other third-party “validators” as possible.

  • Prospects expect you to make claims about your offering, but they’re impressed when someone else does. The secret to a great testimonial is similarity between its writer and reader. In other words, if your prospect is a VP of Sales from a mid-sized medical device company in Poughkeepsie, NY. Find someone with as many of those characteristics as possible who can verify that you deliver excellent experience. The same, of course, is true of a reference or case study.

How else can you rise above the noise and prove to a prospect that you really do offer excellent customer service?