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The Ugly Truth About Sales

It's a Numbers Game

The ugly truth about sales is that it is, always has been, and always will be a “numbers game.” The more people a salesperson sees (or talks to), the more revenue. Period.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of new, different, and exciting sales tactics promising ammo to salespeople who want to avoid this troubling truth.

Sales is a ratio: Leads to Sales.

  • The more leads, the more sales.
  • The fewer leads, the fewer sales.

Even if you have bad leads, the more of them you have, the more sales you'll eventually make. Sure, it'll be harder, but the ratio still works.

Whether out of fear or laziness, there are some salespeople who refuse to move beyond excuses in order to get in front of more qualified prospects.

We teach that a qualified prospect has five, key characteristics. And the salespeople who fill their funnels with qualified prospects make more sales.


Regardless of the advances in Sales 2.0 technology, the number of clients your team wins will always be directly related to the number of people they get in front of. That being said, there are two things technology can do. It can either help the best salespeople increase the number of qualified prospects they see. Or, in the worst case, it can be a distraction -- or crutch -- to hide behind. Some salespeople even get bogged down in negativity that can appear in places like Twitter. Smart salespeople understand how sales has changed. They use technology to do things like...

  • Find supremely qualified prospects
  • Maintain meaningful contact with clients
  • Identify prospects' needs and wants before they meet with them.

The Truth

So that’s the truth: At the end of the day, sales is a numbers game. And, if you’ve got the right salespeople in place, they’re constantly striving to raise both sides of the ratio (more prospects, which leads to more clients)!

Is there some other “ugly truth” to sales?


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