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True or False: Anyone Can Sell In The Right Environment

Anyone Can Sell

One of the most common misconceptions about the world of sales is that salespeople are born, not made. It is true that some people are more naturally inclined to be successful salespeople than others. However, the important thing to remember as a sales manager is that almost anyone can sell in the right environment.

These tips will help you learn how to train anyone on your sales team to be successful at selling.

Anyone Can Sell In The Right Environment. Here's How:

Understand Individual Motivations

A young Millennial salesperson might be motivated by being the best at what they do, while a Baby Boomer might be motivated by the thought of being able to retire in a few years. Even salespeople from the same generation often have very different motivating factors. Keeping your sales team motivated is important for making them successful, but you must understand what actually motivates them so that you can appeal to these factors with your management style.

Calibrate Your Expectations

While it is true that anyone can sell in the right environment, everyone has different abilities and progresses at a different rate. You need to have expectations for your entire team, but you should be willing to vary your expectations for individual members of your sales force. The kind of performance you expect from an industry veteran with years of experience will be much different than the kind of performance you expect from a new hire who has only been working at your company for a few weeks.

In a Money Instructor article about setting expectations for sales teams, managers are advised to hold group and then individual meetings to set out expectations. You should also remember that expectations go both ways; your sales team expects a certain degree of support and involvement from you as a manager. This involvement is critical for the success of your salespeople.

Provide Top-Notch Sales Training

Although some veterans may come into your company with the knowledge and skills required to be successful, effective sales training is what sets your business up for future growth because it gives you a systematic method of turning new hires into star salespeople. Anyone can sell in the right environment as long as they have the skills that are needed to succeed in that environment. Find out what skills are most important to success in your particular field and then invest in sales trainers who will do the best job of teaching and developing these skills in your sales team.

Be Confident

The belief that success is possible is one of the most important factors behind succeeding in sales. As a sales manager, it is your job to have confidence in your team, which will inspire them to be confident as well. Ken Thoreson at the Acumen Management Group advises sales managers to let their team know that they are counting on them and provide positive reinforcement when their salespeople make suggestions for closing sales opportunities that lead to success.

Anyone can sell in the right environment. Your job as a manager is to find out what this environment is and create it for your sales team. These four strategies will put you on the way to establishing a workplace where anyone can sell successfully.


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