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Success Formula for Selling on the Telephone

Recently, I was working with a group of inside salespeople. Beyond the normal sales process, there's a formula for successfully selling on the telephone. When you're selling on the phone, it can be a bit more difficult to read your prospect than if you're face-to-face. But, it's no less important to adapt to a prospect's style on the phone than it is in person. The secret is reading the tealeaves to determine how to most effectively communicate with your prospect. Here's what I mean... Tone + Content = How To Sell to Me Tone includes things like:

  • Volume: How loudly do they speak?
  • Speed: How quickly?
  • Interruptions: Do they interrupt you?
  • Attitude: What's their attitude toward your call?
  • Patience: How patient are they with you?
  • Emphasis: What are they emphasizing?

Content includes things like:

  • Questions: What are they asking you?
  • Responses: What are they telling you?
  • Word Choice: What words are they using?
  • Precision: How precisely are they speaking?

>>> Loud/Fast/Abrupt + Short/Clipped = Get to the point >>> Quite/Accommodating + Lengthy = Listen to Me By the of the greatest (phone) sales lessons? "Never interrupt, but always be interruptable."

What other clues do you listen for on the phone?