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Stop the Wasted Emails

I just sent an email I regret. It went something like this:


What a waste! Emails that simply acknowledge without adding any value should stop. Here are some examples of emails that should never be sent:

“Thanks!” “Sounds good.” “See you then.” "Alright." "Fine with me."

And, dare I say...


They provide no real value. Sure, quick acknowledgements are sometimes important. However, if you are trying to confirm a meeting, add in the purpose of the gathering and the specific time and location. That’s confirmation! Simply saying, “Understand,” isn’t useful. When you're selling, every single contact you have with a prospect must add compelling value. Your time -- and theirs -- is simply too important to waste. Anytime you're contacting a customer or prospect, it better be good. In short:

if all you're doing is saying 'hello,' all you'll hear is 'hell no!'

Stop sending those emails! They require the recipient to waste the calories required to tap the “Delete” button. Please, help put an end to it! -@JebBrooks