Stop Talking Your Way Out of the Sale

What does your prospect want to hear about - every imaginable bell and whistle that your product offers or how they can use the product to achieve their goals or solve their specific problems? Chances are you already know the answer. But if you're like many salespeople, you still may not be able to resist the temptation to keep talking until your prospect's eyes glaze over with confusion and boredom. My advice: focus. Find out what your prospect wants to accomplish with their purchase, what their biggest concerns are, what's most important to them...and when you make your recommendation talk ONLY about those things. How do you know what to focus on? That's the purpose of asking questions - to give your prospect the opportunity to TELL you what matters to them. The key is in how well you listen. If you ask probing questions and listen to your prospect's answers you'll be able to build a sales presentation that focuses exclusively on what they want most. Here's a harsh truth that will make you a better salesperson: Most people don't really care much about your product. People care more about their problems, their needs and their desires. Your product may be the perfect solution to their problem; it may be the exact thing your prospect has always wanted or needed...But your prospect still doesn't care nearly as much about the product as they do about finding the solution or the feeling of satisfaction make sure your presentation is about your prospect's use and enjoyment of the product not about the product itself.

Published on July 09, 2007

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