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Stop 'Collaborizing' and 'Synergating'

Are you too busy collaborizing and synergating in a conference room to get out in the field? Too often, sales leaders and managers get stuck in meetings talking about customers instead of meeting with them. That stands in the way of what B2B sales is really about; belly-to-belly interaction with customers and prospects. And that sort of interaction isn't just for salespeople!

What does that mean?

  • Sales leaders and sales managers need to spend time working with the people that make their jobs possible: Their clients and customers.

If, as we've been told, salespeople spend only 46% of their time in direct sales interactions, how microscopic must that slice be for sales managers and sales leaders? The best leaders make a conscious effort to spend more time in the field, learning directly from the people for whom their businesses exist. Investments like that always pay for themselves. Always. @JebBrooks