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Selling with Integrity

Awhile back, I wrote about adding a Code of Ethics for Salespeople. I still like the idea. But recently, I was thinking about the role of good, old-fashioned integrity. High IMPACT Salespeople sell ethically and with integrity. Integrity is all about having a sense of moral right-and-wrong. It’s about operating with the truth. No doubt, the world is filled with “grey." Things aren't always "black and white." However, integrity is important for sales because...

  1. There are salespeople operating without it
  2. Integrity leads to consistency, which customers like
  3. Without it, it’s easy to get off track, and that’s when bad things happen
  4. We’ve had to deal with too much negativity in the news lately
  5. Salespeople have a professional responsibility to each other to operate in an upright manner
  6. The truth is always easier to remember
  7. People with integrity are more fun to work with
  8. People with integrity are easier to work with
  9. You'll get a lot more referrals if you’ve got integrity
  10. It’s easier to get things done if you’ve got it
  11. Not enough people have it
  12. It's easier to get a job if you have it
  13. The internet makes it simple to find people without it
  14. It’s the right way to sell

Now, I’ve been told that “fair” is where they have cotton candy and rides, but I still believe that operating with a sense of fairness is always a better choice in the long-run. If you’re selling with a high level of integrity, you’re in a far better position to succeed. Plus you'll sleep better. However, the most compelling reason to sell with integrity is that your customers prefer it. @JebBrooks