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Sell As Yourself

Research -- and common sense -- clearly show that the most successful salespeople are the most self-aware.

For one thing, if you know where your own strengths lie, it's a lot easier to adapt to your prospects’ preferences. In other words, if you’re across the phone from a high-energy person, you should reflect their energy level. Alternatively, if you’re across the table from a detail-oriented person, sell with details.

However, adapting to your prospect is only one area where self-awareness will help. It will also help you sell in a way that’s most comfortable for you. Take scripts, for example. Salespeople who aren't comfortable with their offering or aren't confident in their own ability to carry on a meaningful conversation rely on Scripts. Here at The Brooks Group, we don’t believe in them. Instead, we believe in learning how to approach sales interactions in a way that’s natural and comfortable for you. We believe in carrying on a conversation that's directed toward your prospect so that you can effectively understand their challenges and, if possible, address them. In order to do that, salespeople must know themselves. They must know what they're good at. And, of course, what they're not good at.

We are all naturally good at certain aspects of selling. We also struggle in other areas. Those of us who recognize which is which are far better able to capitalize on our strengths and avoid our weaknesses.

At its core, being ‘yourself’ requires self-assessment.

So, as a gift to you, I’ve created a quick self-audit. It's not as comprehensive as one of our sales assessments, but it's a start.

When was the last time you actually sat back and assessed your own strengths and developmental areas? Use this sales self-audit to score yourself in each area from 1 [very weak] - 5 [very strong]. Take that information and consider what resources you can call upon to help you develop them.

By understanding where you stand in these areas, you’ll know where to study and improve. Let me know what you think.