Sales Presentations: Focus on Dominant Buying Motives

The average sales presentation consists of 6-8 features or benefits. Is that good or bad? Well, when you consider that 24 hours after your presentation, 39% of your prospects remember only one of them, the answer should be very clear. And the fact that 49% of the time they remember something that you didn't bring up at all makes it even more obvious! Most of us are quite simply overwhelming our prospects with details about things they really aren't interested in! The truth is that people will buy your product or service for one or two primary reasons. Commonly called dominant buying motives, these are the only real reasons why that prospect would really want to buy your product or service, anyway. The bottom line? Keep your presentation within the context of what the prospect is specifically interested in, and target it to the primary dominant buying motives. Don't overload your presentation with features and benefits. Pick only the ones that precisely pertain to the primary dominant buying motives your prospect has.

Published on November 08, 2007

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