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Sales Management Training Through the Years

We’re ramping up for another Sales Management Symposium – our 29th, as a matter of fact. It'll be on May 12 and 13 in Greensboro, NC. You might think I’m bragging when I say we host the best open-enrollment basic training course for sales managers in the world. And I guess I am. But, we’ve been doing it since 2002. And, in that time, 705 sales managers from all over the world have participated in this one course! That doesn't even count the thousands of others who have gone through customized versions. It’s changed a lot through the years. Like lots of things you do for the first time, our first attempt was rough. There were a few sales managers from all over the country. We gave them some good information, but if they came to next month’s SMS, they wouldn’t recognize it. Part of that is because the world of sales has changed so dramatically. Part of it is because we’re constantly tweaking and improving all of our content. But the end result is that every program we offer is the best we can provide! We spend a lot of time during the two-day course talking about hiring and coaching salespeople and how to effectively hold them accountable. We know being a sales manager is hard (it's like herding cats!) and that's why we focus so much on providing tools and techniques to empower sales managers to do their jobs effectively. If you lead salespeople, I hope to see you in May!